We no longer sell books and sacramentals,
but we have provided below sources for certain
items (underlined) which we most highly recommend.


1. The Catholic Company, 615 E. Westinghouse Blvd., Charlotte, NC 28273
Douay-Rheims Bible, Douay-Rheims Textual Concordance of Holy Scripture, Summa Theologica (5 Vol. Set)

2. Mother of Our Savior Company, 5271 E. Mann Rd., Pekin, IN 47165-8807
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Catholic sacramentals and books

3. Confraternity of the Precious Blood, 1-800-437-5876
My Imitation of Christ (pocket sized)

4. Catholic Book Publishing Company, 77 W. End Rd., Totowa, NJ 07512,\
Bibles, The New St. Joseph Catechism No. 2, My Imitation of Christ, and Divine Intimacy

5. Baronius Press, 814-414-0245,
Douay-Rheims Bible $55.00

6. Angelus Press, 1-800-966-7337,
Pius X Society; many traditional books including Baptism of Desire –
A Patristic Commentary by Rev. Fr. Jean Marc Rulleau

7. Bethlehem Books, 10194 Garfield St. S., Bathgate, ND 58216
Specializes in “wholesome, character-building literature” for children of all ages

8. Lepanto Press, 421 S. Lochsa St., Post Falls, ID 83854
Catholic home-school curriculum provider


Jesus and Mary have emphasized the extreme importance and even necessity of using the following 4 sacramentals in the terrible times to come: 1) small crucifixes fastened on the outside of the doors leading into our homes; 2) wearing the Brown Scapular of Mount Carmel; 3) wearing the St. Benedict medal; and 4) praying the Rosary daily and the wearing of a rosary around our necks.
Therefore, even though we do not sell these items, we recommend obtaining these essential sacramentals from the following well-established mail order business:

The Mother of Our Saviour Co, Inc.
5271 E. Mann Rd.
Pekin, IN 47165

Call 1-800-451-3993 (9 am - 6 PM EST) to place an order or obtain a catalogue ($2.00) by Visa, Master Card, and Discover credit cards.

24-hour fax: (812) 967-2980
See website: for catalogue of items.


General: In the Bible a woman touches Jesus' cloak and is healed. Divine power "flowed through" this object (the cloak). In theology the principle is that "grace inheres in matter." Blessed objects are called sacramentals because they are sacred conduits of grace. By the manifest will of God they are set aside and blessed for a holy purpose.

All sacramentals (e.g., the crucifix, scapular and rosary) should be blessed by a priest. The St. Benedict medal when received, already has special blessings.


ORIGIN AND EXPLANATION OF THE MEDAL: St. Benedict (born at Nursia, Italy, in 480) had a profound veneration for the Holy Cross and for our Saviour Crucified. In virtue of the Sign of the Cross, he wrought many miracles and exercised great power over the spirits of darkness. In consequence of the great veneration in which St. Benedict was held from the early Middle Ages, it followed that a Medal was struck, one side of which represents St. Benedict holding the Cross in one hand and the Holy Rule in the other. Around the image of St. Benedict are these words in Latin: "May his presence protect us in the hour of death." St. Benedict has ever been the patron of the dying, because of the circumstances attending his own most glorious death, for he breathed forth his soul while standing in prayer before the Most Blessed Sacrament.

The reverse of the Medal shows the image of the Cross. Around the margin are the initials of Latin words which form verses originating with the holy Father Benedict himself. Their English translation: "Begone Satan! Suggest not to me thy vain things. The cup thou profferest me is evil; drink thou thy poison." In the angles formed by the arms of the Cross are the letter C.S. P. B., signifying "Cross of the holy Father Benedict." The letters on the Cross itself have this meaning: "May the Holy Cross be my light; let not the dragon be my guide."

The Medal of St. Benedict is one of the Sacramentals of the Church, and as such it should be used. The value and power of the Medal must be ascribed to the merits of Christ Crucified, to the efficacious prayers of St. Benedict, to the blessing of the Church, and especially to the faith and holy disposition of the person using the Medal.

The following is a partial list of the many pious purposes of the Medal of St. Benedict:

  1. It wards off from both the soul and the body all dangers arising from the devil.
  2. The Medal is powerful in obtaining for sinners the grace of conversion.
  3. It obtains protection and aid for persons tormented by the evil spirit, and in temptations against holy purity.
  4. It procures assistance in the hour of death.
  5. It has often proved an efficacious remedy for bodily sufferings, and a means of protection against contagious diseases.
  6. Expectant mothers have obtained special assistance for a safe delivery.
  7. In time of storms, tempests and other dangers on land and sea it has been found to be a protection.
  8. Even domestic animals have been visibly aided by it when infected with disease.


"Whosoever dies clothed in this (scapular) shall not suffer eternal fire." This is the Blessed Virgin Mary's PROMISE, made July 16, 1251, to St. Simon Stock.

True devotion to Mary consists in three things: Veneration, Confidence, Love. Without saying to Mary that we venerate her, love her, and trust in her protection, we tell her these things every moment of the day by simply wearing the Scapular. When we use it as a prayer, Our Lady draws us to the Sacred Heart of her Divine Son. It is well, therefore,
to hold the Scapular in the hand while addressing Our Lady. A prayer uttered thus, while holding the mystical Scapular, is as perfect as a prayer can be. It is especially in time of temptation that we need the powerful intercession of God's Mother. The evil spirit is utterly powerless when a Scapular-wearer, besides his silent devotion, faces temptation calling upon Mary.

Pope Benedict XV granted an indulgence of 500 days
each time the Scapular is kissed.

To be eligible for The Scapular Promise, one must be enrolled in the Family of Carmel. This is a simple ceremony which takes only a moment and can be done by any Carmelite or duly authorized priest.

Mary's Motherhood is not limited to Catholics, it is extended to ALL MEN. Many miracles of conversion have been wrought in favor on non-Catholics who have practiced the Scapular devotion.

The Sabbatine Privilege is Mary's promise to release from purgatory soon after death all those who: (1) Wear the Brown Scapular; (2) Observe chastity according to their state in life; and (3) Say the Little Office of the Blessed Virgin Mary every day. The recitation of the Little Office can be replaced by the daily Rosary at least five decades.


There are so many Catholics who know how to say the Rosary that a person can find instructions in its use wherever he lives.

The Rosary was given to the Church through St. Dominic in the 13th century as a heavenly weapon. He was engaged in spiritual combat against the Albigenses heresy. It was in the forest of Bouconne that St. Dominic, wrapped in ecstasy, saw the Immaculate Mother of God coming towards him in dazzling brightness. Holding a Rosary in her hands, she addressed him in these words:
"Be of good courage, Dominic. The fruits of your labors will be abundant. You know how much the salvation of this people has cost my Son. He does not wish that the work of salvation should become useless. Remember, then, that the redemption of the world was begun by the salutation of the angel, that it was completed by the bitter Passion and Death of my divine son, and that it was established and secured by His glorious Resurrection. The remedy, therefore, of so many evils shall be meditation on the mysteries of the life, death, and glory of my Son, uniting thereto the Angelic Salutation, by which the great mystery of redemption was announced to the world." She then explained to St. Dominic how this devotion was to be practiced and continued by means of the Rosary.

"The earth, she added, shall remain barren till watered by the heavenly dew of this devotion. You are to preach this devotion as a practice of piety most dear to my Son and to me; as a most powerful means of dissipating heresy, extinguishing vice, spreading virtue, imploring the divine mercy, and obtaining my protection. I desire that this manner of prayer shall be perpetually promoted and practiced. The faithful shall obtain by it numberless benefits, and shall always find me ready to aid them in all their wants. This is the precious gift which, through you, I bequeath to the world."

The Rosary contains the Creed, the Our Father, and the Hail Mary (the main part of which appears in Scripture) and the Glory Be... The Rosary is a meditation upon the entire life of Christ, with a decade of prayers said after a brief meditation on each of the 15 Mysteries of the Rosary.

1st Joyful Mystery
2nd Joyful Mystery
3rd Joyful Mystery
4th Joyful Mystery
5th Joyful Mystery

1st Sorrowful Mystery
2nd Sorrowful Mystery
3rd Sorrowful Mystery
4th Sorrowful Mystery
5th Sorrowful Mystery

1st Glorious Mystery
2nd Glorious Mystery
3rd Glorious Mystery
4th Glorious Mystery
5th Glorious Mystery
The Annunciation of the Angel Gabriel to Mary
The Visitation of Mary to Elizabeth
The Birth of Jesus
The Presentation of Jesus in the Temple
The Finding of Jesus in the Temple

The Agony of Jesus in the Garden
The Scourging of Jesus at the Pillar
The Crowning of Jesus with Thorns
The Carrying of the Cross
The Crucifixion of Death of Jesus

The Resurrection of Jesus
The Ascension of Jesus into Heaven
The Descent of the Holy Spirit
The Assumption of Mary into heaven
The Crowning of Mary in Heaven

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Messages of Jesus and Mary in America
177 lengthy Messages

Our Lady of the Roses Shrine P. O. Box 52, Bayside NY 11361 (24 hr. information 718-961-8865)
To order by credit card call toll free: 1- 800 - 638-4376. Ask for their complete free catalogue or see their website at

Recommended items: (Note: All "prices" are Shrine's recommended donations.)

  1. 1. Individual Messages:
    1. All Messages 1970-1994 $39.00
    2. 11 X 17 sheets (front and back) 20 cents apiece. Order by year (1977-1994).
    3. Tabloid format for years 1973-76: 1973/$3.00; 1974/$2.00; 1975-76/$5.00.
  2. The Blue Book -- A beautiful summary of the Messages with much related information and many pictures. Price: $15.00
  3. Blessed Rose Petals -- Free (donation accepted)
  4. Directives -- Message excerpts listed by topic. Full set of 86 for $8.95.
  5. St. Benedict medals, small crucifixes, etc.

NOTES: These are one of the final revelations to be given to mankind before the Warning, Miracle and Chastisement. They essentially give the particulars needed to understand the full meaning of Fatima and LaSalette in our times. The seer, in ecstasy, visioned Jesus, Mary and some of the Saints and received messages (which were taped), while thousands around her prayed the Rosary for the clergy (for 3 hours) on major feast days of the church at the Vatican Pavilion Grounds in Flushing Meadows Park, New York. She underwent tremendous suffering as a victim soul for many years. Neither she, nor the completely orthodox Messages, nor the thousands of miracles were ever investigated by the diocese of Brooklyn, even though certain persons published such a statement. (See page 15.) Pope John Paul II gave his personal blessing to this Shrine and its work. No other statement concerning these phenomena has ever been issued by the Holy Office.

Pope Paul VI abrogated Canons 1399 and 2318 which formerly censured the laity in such matters. Catholics may now investigate and follow such matters, with devotion, as long as they do not endanger Faith or Morals. In other words, because of the explosion of such phenomena in these times the Pope had to lay the major responsibility upon the laity for fulfilling St. Paul's instructions to 'despise not prophecy, but test the spirits'.

And this is a duty, not a mere option. We must do our own investigating. In these times, especially, no Catholic can take this responsibility lightly. We cannot let unsubstantiated reports and rumors do our thinking for us. First, we must get the actual facts, the evidence, by reading the messages and studying the phenomena, the purported events, and miracles, the testimonials, etc. We must examine all in the light of the teachings of the Magisterium of the Church, after saying the Church's prayer to the Holy Spirit for the grace of discernment.
Regarding apparitions that have not been approved by the church, Pope Urban VIII, who reigned upon the Throne of Peter from 1623 until 1644, once had this to say:
"In cases like this (apparitions), it is better to believe than not to believe, for, if you believe, and it is proven true, you will be happy that you believed, because Our Holy Mother asked it. If you believe, and it should be proven false, you will receive all blessings as if it had been true, because you believed it to be true."


"I am the Queen of Heaven, Mother of Earth, Mediatrix of all Graces. I come to you with graces in abundance, graces for the asking. I will dispense to all those who will join me in rescuing their brothers, many graces, manifestations, by means of conversion and cure. I place upon these consecrated and sacred grounds, the graces to rescue souls in these dark days..." (Words of Our Lady, November 20, 1972)

Our Lady placed her hand out and said pleadingly: "Please, My children, gather about me now. Let me bestow upon you any graces necessary in the trying days ahead. I want you all to carry forth my plan for your salvation: a string of Rosaries, from one end of your country to the other. You will all, in these trials, win your crowns!" (April 10, 1973)

Veronica asked Our Lady, for all present and those who sent their petitions to the Shrine, whether these could be granted. Our Lady said: "Many will be granted their supplications, but many will also have to bear their crosses of illness in order to purify their souls to enter the Kingdom. They will eliminate their stay in Purgatory by cleansing their souls as victim souls upon earth and suffering for the weak!" (August 21, 1971)

Our Lady carries roses, sending petals down upon all saying: "I have used the petals of the roses as instruments, significant of the graces that I will bestow upon you." (Roses brought to the vigils by kind and thoughtful souls to help decorate Our Lady's altar, are distributed to the people in attendance towards the end of the vigil. The rose petals should be dried for 3 days in a book and then laminated. They are then to be given to the ill, the infirm, and all those in need of spiritual cures or conversion.

"All who come to me on my hallowed grounds, I will comfort them in their sufferings. Many graces of cure and conversion will be given from Our hearts. There is nothing the Father would not do to rescue you, my children." (June 8, 1972)

"My beads of prayer have been given to you. I promise now, all who tell my beads daily shall be saved from the trials that lie ahead." (June 8, 1972)

"All who come to the sacred grounds have come with reason. The Eternal Father has a plan, and everyone who comes to the sacred grounds has been called there by the Father..." (Words of Our Lord Jesus Christ, June 18, 1883)


"Many of My clergy are on the road to perdition and taking many trusting souls with them. It is a knife in My heart that Satan has been allowed to enter into My Church, but now My Mother has been given, as a Mediatrix between God and man, the knowledge and power from heaven to gather Our armies of little saints upon earth. And it will be these people, humble, of little means, but with full hearts, who will go forward and restore My Church." (Jesus, July 25, 1977)

"My Mother has given you My way. It is a simple road that must be followed. The rules have been given to you that must not be changed, as you cater to the basic carnal nature of man, a generation that has fallen! You will not make changes within My House, for you have dispersed My sheep. You will restore My House to its former glory. Strip your hearts of your pride! Recognize your errors and restore My House!
"I say this to you as your Creator, as your God: Restore My House, or I shall come down and restore it Myself with a firm hand! And shall you stand before Me, O pastors, and say that your teachings have been pure in My sight? I shall take you and spit you out as spittle into the fires of eternal damnation! Vermin that came out of the flowers!" (Jesus, December 28, 1976)

"I send to My clergy, those whom I have given the grace to represent Heaven upon earth, this warning: You must now return to your traditional rites, you must restore My House from its crumbling exterior and rotting interior. You must rebuild what you seek to destroy now!" (Jesus, November 22, 1975)

"Many miters now hold major responsibility for the loss of their sheep. You have scattered them in all directions. And now what do you intend to do to restore My House? Restore My House now, for I shall return and I shall send you out of My House, forever lost to Heaven. Your rank has no precedence over another soul when this soul is being sent into the abyss. You hold a major responsibility for the loss of My sheep." (Jesus, May 29, 1976)

"You must now cleanse yourselves of the contamination that you have allowed to enter upon My Church. Right the wrong; restore My House. The Eternal Father is most merciful in His dealings with a degenerate generation. He is long-suffering and merciful, but the time is fast running out. I say this not to place fear in your hearts, but to give you a statement of fact. You must all work, pray, and set by an example the road ahead. Light this road by your example, so that others may be given the light." (Jesus, August 5, 1976)

"This evil has penetrated far into the very heart of My House. You must now turn back and restore My House. I, your God, give you this command for the salvation of your own soul." (Jesus, August 21, 1976)

"Therefore, I warn you now as your God: You will stop your intricacies within My Church. You will stop experimenting. I gave you the rules to follow many years ago, two thousand years approximately. And why now, two thousand years later, do you deem it necessary to change My Church upon earth? I, your God, say to you, you will be judged accordingly. You will return My Church to its former glory, and in that manner you will have more vocations and more entering the seminaries, and not fleeing from them as they hear the heresies and all other innovations that are going on within My Church." (Jesus, June 18, 1986)

"This generation shall pass away, but My words shall not. For the end is fast coming upon mankind, the end of time as you know it, and your nation shall fall. All because of your rejection of your God. All because you have given yourself to the mores of the world and Satan, as I have cautioned you and warned you through countless years upon earth." (Jesus, May 30, 1981)

"Obedience, My child, obedience -- how sad that the true meaning has met with distortion. Satan has used the rule of obedience to bring about the destruction of souls. There is, My child, only one majesty Who commands your obedience. This is the Father -- the Father, the most high God in heaven, the Kingdom of light. You must not honor man before your God. You must not sell your soul to man! For you, therefore, are selling your soul to the devil." (Our Lady, December 6, 1974)

"The Eternal City of Rome shall pass through a great conflagration. Discipline must be restored. Obedience, yes -- but true obedience to their God and not the mores of man. Much evil is being condoned, disguised under the guise of obedience. Let us, My children, call this a false obedience, clouded by errors and satanism." (Jesus, August 21, 1976)

"Many in My Son's Church have fallen away. Pray for your brothers and sisters, My children. Pray for your bishops, your priests, who are under great attack by reason of false obedience." (Our Lady, December 7, 1977)

"I give you now, as I gave you in the past to all mankind, two sacramentals, for your redemption: the beads of prayer, your Rosary, and the Scapular, the brown cloth of life everlasting. Wear them, My children. Protect your families and your children. The end for man shall come like a thief in the night, fast upon you without warning. However, as I said unto you in the past, I will repeat again: My children of light, those who accept and believe shall not be caught unprepared and without warning." (Our Lady, October 6, 1978)

"The world as you know it shall be changed -- not completely, My child, annihilated as in the time of Noe, but changed. The peace promised shall be given at this time." (Our Lady, December 24, 1974)

"The Ball of Redemption hovers closer to your world. It is not an ordinary celestial star, My child. It is a supernatural manifestation performed by the Eternal Father. It will be a chastisement such as mankind has never seen before nor will ever see again. Many will die in the great flame of the Ball of Redemption." (Our Lady, April 17, 1976)


"Remember: one Rosary a day, at least -- at least, I say, must be prayed in the home that is to be spared." (Jesus, April 14, 1984)

"Your children must be taught at home, given a firm foundation of the truth, the knowledge of their Faith. You must instill in their hearts the love of God before the love of any man." (Our Lady, October 6, 1979)

"My child, you will make it known to mankind that the head of an earthly family is the father. The Father Eternal will guide the father, the head of the household. A woman of earth shall not cast aside her role as mother and housekeeper. In her role as mother, she shall be the guardian of her children's souls and a helpmate of her husband, and a guardian also of his earthly soul and the soul eternal. By her example in her household, she has the power, as woman, for good or evil. She shall stay in her home and guide her children." (St. Joseph, July 15, 1975)

"As it was in the days of old, the angel of death shall pass by those who retain the monuments (religious statues) in their homes." (Our Lady, May 18, 1977)

"Remember, My children, the Exorcism to St. Michael must be repeated daily in your homes!" (Our Lady, September 13, 1977)

"You must remove from your homes these diabolical agents of hell, the recordings of Lucifer, that will put into your child a spell, a hypnotism leading to promiscuity, deviant sex, homosexuality, drugs, murders, abortions, and all manner of foul deeds that could only be conceived in the mind of the prince of darkness, Lucifer himself." (Our Lady, September 14, 1979)


"There is a formation within My House that I give and label as the evil men of the cross. They are impostors. They have entered to destroy. They have reached and attained the highest leadership in My House upon earth. They are recrucifying Me in My House. Your Vicar is a prisoner within My House." (Jesus, November 22, 1976)

"The red forces are on the march. They seek control of the throne of Peter. My children, the man of perdition is among you." (Jesus, May 28, 1977)

"My children, much of the evil now that is spreading in the United States and Canada was promoted by these men and women of satan, known as Communists, who have been allowed to enter not only into your country and the countries of the world, but also into My Son's Church upon earth." (Our Lady, May 17, 1986)

"The enemies of God entered into the houses of My Son many earth-years ago. Their plan has been insidious, and with much cunning they came forward, coming into the highest places in power within the houses of My Son. In this manner, My children, have they been able to mislead, misguide, and set many souls onto the road to destruction of their eternal souls." (Our Lady, August 5, 1974)


"There will be a tremendous explosion, and the sky shall roll back like a scroll. This force shall go within the very core of the human. He will understand his offenses to his God." (Our Lady, June 12, 1976)

"All who remain in the light of grace will have no fear. They will pass through this great Warning without suffering." (Our Lady, April 5, 1975)

"My child, you speculate much about the coming Warning. I have asked you many times not to speculate on dates, but I give you one indication that the time is ripe. When you see, when you hear, when you feel the revolution in Rome, when you see the Holy Father fleeing, seeking a refuge in another land, know that the time is ripe." (Jesus, September 14, 1976)

"It is through suffering that you will gain a measure of perfection." (Our Lady, September 6, 1975)

"My children, remember, in the days ahead, for they will be days of great trial and suffering; whenever you feel you despair, you will say, My Jesus, My confidence!" (Our Lady, June 4, 1977)

"You, My child, were not chosen by accident. You were chosen for your strength in suffering." (Our Lady, March 18, 1973)


"Well have they laid their plan to destroy your children with drugs, using your school systems, your medias of communication, your newspapers, your televisions, your radios." (Our Lady, November 25, 1978)

"They vomit filth! They corrupt the minds of the young and old. They are the boxes created by satan to invade your homes! They have invaded your homes. Take the axe to them." (Our Lady, November 1, 1974)

"Your medias of entertainment are polluted. Your children must be protected against this pollution in pornography and exploitation of sex. O parents, you have the greatest battle now to keep the souls of your children from contamination. The eyes are the mirror of the soul, so protect your children's eyes: watch what they read and what they look upon. Discipline your children and you shall not cry later as parents." (Our Lady, June 16, 1977)


"They are performing now prodigies and wonders to confuse and confound mankind. You call one of them the UFOs. They are supernatural manifestations from hell. They are created in the minds of some by the demons, who are capable, because of great power upon earth, to control now the elements, nature." (Our Lady, February 1, 1978)

"In this final battle, there are many agents of hell loosed upon earth. They are traveling in transports. Do not be won over to a false theory of life beyond the heavens, other than the Kingdom of God. Know that it is Satan who sends these vehicles before you. They are to confuse and confound you. These objects that take flight across your earth are from hell. They are only the false miracles of your times. Recognize them, My children; they are not a figment of man's imagination. They are present in your atmosphere, and they will become more dominant as the fight goes on for the souls." (Our Lady, December 24, 1973)


"They have, I repeat, brought forth an impostor, while they have laid low Pope Paul VI, your true Father. It is the deception of the century!" (Our Lady, October 2, 1975)

"The appearance in public is not Paul VI; it is the impostor pope. Medication of evil has dulled the brain of the true pope, Pope Paul VI. They send into his veins poison to dull his reasoning and paralyze his legs. What evil creatures have you opened the doors to the Eternal City and admitted?" (Our Lady, September 27, 1975)

"This impostor, who has been given the image of the Pope, Our Vicar Paul VI, will pose and assume a role of compromise to the world. It is the plan of the evil ones about him... to discredit your Vicar by placing him in print and photographs in a compromising position to destroy him." (Our Lady, April 10, 1976)

"In the city of Rome there will be great confusion and trial. Satan, Lucifer in human form, entered into Rome in the year 1972. He cut off the rule, the role of the Holy Father, Pope Paul VI." (Our Lady, September 7, 1978)


"America, you will remove yourself, as a country, from that brood of vipers in your city that has set itself up to govern the world's peoples and lead them to destruction." (reference to United Nations) (Our Lady, December 7, 1971)

"The major incident that will come upon your country is involvement in war. And short thereon, shortly thereon, there will be sent upon the world and your country the Ball of Redemption (a comet). And many will die in this great flame of the Ball of Redemption." (Our Lady, March 18, 1977)

"Wars shall increase, and the great World War, the greatest of all, shall befall mankind, and shall make extinct three-quarters of the world's population. Is this what you want?" (Our Lady, June 18, 1982)

"There will be a great War, and at the time of this crisis will return the Lord of lords and the King of kings." (Our Lady, November 20, 1972)

Veronica -- I can see Jerusalem, and Egypt, Arabia, French Morocco, Africa. Oh, my goodness! There seems to be a very dense darkness now settling upon those countries... "The start of the Third World War, My child." (Our Lady, March 29, 1975)

"The six days of suffering (the first 3 days, WWIII; the next 3 days, the comet or Ball of Redemption) are not for you, for you are counted among the few." (Our Lady, August 14, 1981)

Seer not interrogated... ...Bishop not involved

Did the Brooklyn Chancery 'Investigate' Veronica?
By Anne McGinn Cillis

Mrs. Veronica Leuken, the seer of Bayside, has not been given a fair investigation by the officials of the Catholic Church.
Last year, I did an exhaustive investigative reporting job for another newspaper, on Brooklyn Chancery's role in the investigation of the Bayside apparitions, which at that time, had been going on for nearly seven years.
The "Brooklyn Chancery" is the office of Veronica's bishop, Bishop Francis J. Mugavero.
I uncovered some shocking documentation.
To begin with, it was very evident, right from the beginning, that the bishop himself had not been involved in any way with Veronica's visions. Despite this, however, a subtle campaign had been long underway, to convey to the public that the bishop had actually investigated Veronica and had found her apparitions to be "spurious." This, in fact, had been actually conveyed to the United States Episcopal Conference, which had, in turn, notified all the bishops in America that, in effect, Veronica was to be considered a fraud, and that Catholics of the nation were to be warned to beware of her.
The repercussions of this were, of course, incalculable. American bishops issued pastoral letters, which were read from the country's pulpits as earnestly as if they contained the gospel in traditional times. Bishops from other countries, most notably Canada, formed their opinions as a result of these American Episcopal pronouncements, and scathing denunciations of Veronica and her visions were scornfully enunciated in a good number of Chanceries here. Since good people, even in bad times, are usually inclined to believe the bishop, the end result has been a concerted suppression of all the true facts concerning the case, and the misleading of the flock, who have a right to expect more responsibility from their shepherds.
Just who had instigated and perpetrated this monstrous deception?
There were many culprits, but the main one turned out to be the former Chancellor of the Diocese of Brooklyn, Monsignor James P. King. I managed, as part of my investigation of them, to chase him down by long distance telephone, in the quiet seclusion of his Flushing, N.Y. rectory.
Here is the exact text of my conversation with that gentleman:
Yes, he, Monsignor James P. King, had conducted an "investigation" of the Bayside apparitions.
"The Bishop told me I should look into it. The parish council (at St. Robert Bellarmine's) wanted Veronica investigated."
He appointed a committee of four, with himself as chairman. He would not name any of the others on the committee, except Monsignor J. Emmett McDonald, who was at that time, the pastor of St. Robert Bellarmine Church.
He could not remember when the investigation took place, "about three or four years ago." (The "chancery statement is dated April 18, 1975.)
He was not sure how long it had lasted... "it may have been a couple of months."
Did he or any of his committee interrogate Veronica?
No, they did not.
Was there any reason why an ecclesiastical enquiry would deliberately sidestep the testimony of the principal witness?
"Well, Veronica was so nice, so sincere... we didn't want to hurt her feelings."
We asked if "feelings" constituted a canonical consideration.
Well, we just didn't want her to get upset."
If they did not question Veronica, whom DID they question?
"We questioned members of the community who had been inconvenienced by the crowds thronging to Veronica's prayer vigils. And we questioned parishioners at St. Robert's."
Did they question any of Veronica's close workers?
"We may have, I don't recall."
(Mrs. Ann Ferguson, who acts as a special aide to Veronica, has stated categorically that not one of the workers was approached, or questioned.)
If they did not question Veronica, and could not remember questioning any of her followers or workers, then where did they get their information regarding the apparitions?
Monsignor King replied that they had "some typed messages" and a number of tapes of Veronica's voice made during the vigils. The messages were on the tapes, and the typed messages were transcripts of the tapes.
Did he or any of the committee members listen to the tapes?
No, they did not.
Did they even listen to one single tape?
No; they relied solely on the typed messages.
Did he or any of the committee members check the typescripts to be sure that they accurately reflected the exact words on the tapes?
No, they did not. They felt that the typed messages were sufficient for their purposes.
Did they read all the typed messages in their possession?
No, they read a few to get an idea of what was being said. But they did not read all the typed messages.
Did they investigate any of the cures allegedly obtained through Our Lady at Bayside?
No, they didn't feel that was necessary.
Did they investigate any of the conversions attributed to the intercession of Our Lady at Bayside?
No. Monsignor King didn't recall hearing about any conversions.
Did they investigate the so-called "miraculous photographs" of Bayside?
Yes, they submitted some of these to "experts", and the "experts" were convinced that the photos were either double exposure, or else amateurish blunderings with Polaroid cameras.
Were these "experts" from the Polaroid Company itself?
No, they were not.
Who, in fact, were these experts?
Monsignor King could not remember.

  1. Veronica was never interrogated, or even approached, by either the investigating committee collectively, or by any individual or individuals on that committee.
  2. The verbatim tapes (with her voice, while in ecstasy, repeating the messages) were never listened to by any of the "investigators".
  3. Only typescripts of these tapes were examined, and not even all of these were used; furthermore, what was used, was not examined in detail.
  4. No one compared the typescripts to the tapes to be sure that the typescripts reflected, accurately, the verbatim messages on the tapes.
  5. None of Veronica's workers or followers were even approached, let alone questioned.
  6. None of the cures were investigated. ("We didn't feel that was necessary.")
  7. None of the conversions were investigated.
  8. The miraculous Polaroid pictures were not investigated. "Some" of these were submitted to "experts" (and subsequently denounced as having either a natural explanation, or as being "the result of amateurish blundering") but the "experts" consulted were not from the Polaroid Company and were, in fact, so "expert" that Monsignor King, in thinking back, could not even recall who they were.
  9. Those whose testimony was solicited were persons who for various reasons were opposed to Veronica's vigils in the first place; "members of the community who had been inconvenienced by the crowds" thronging to the vigils, or else modernist parishioners of St. Robert's Church, where the parish council had pressured the pastor to have the vigils stopped.
  10. The important evidence of the miraculous pictures had been judged by anonymous persons whose credentials Monsignor King could not identify.

This, then, is the basis for the wise pronouncements of those clergy members who make public (and private) stands against Bayside, while quoting as their supreme authority, "the Bishop of Brooklyn."
These people must be challenged, and politely but firmly rejected, until such time as a full, thorough, judicial investigation of the Bayside apparitions has been properly and fully ordered and executed by Veronica's bishop himself.
In the meantime, it is an act of the most sublime charity to acquaint everyone possible, with the fact that these apparitions are going on, that they have been going on for a number of years, that they are quite public in that they take place at Rosary Vigils held in a public park in a big American city, and that there are messages coming forth that make much more sense, and are far more Catholic, than many of the messages contained in the local parish bulletin, or the ones coming forth over the PA attached to the local parish pulpit.


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