I recall it was early February, 1999, Phillip. Snowdrifts cluttered the back deck of our house high against the foot of Indian Mountain. Forty mile an hour southwest winds buffeted the house. Hunter stood in his shaggy brown coat looking through the sliding glass doors for his breakfast person, your brother Michael, who was ten years old at the time. The mighty Big Horn Mountains in the background rose to 13,700 feet ninety miles to the north. A distant, irregular horizon to the west would be the Rattlesnake Range. Other bones of the earth’s skeleton were everywhere exposed in this land of wind, blue skies and vast sagebrush plains. I remember the conversation with your mother.
          "Hey, Ruth, I like my coffee strong ... but this stuff could grow hair on my chest ..."
          "I made it the same way you told me."
          "How could you!? ... But look at this. Come're. See this stock market graph showing this 8 year Bull run?"
          "What's that?"
          People investing more and more in big businesses.
          "Sounds good."
          "Looks good. But it's a bubble I'll bet."
          "What's that?"
          The appearance of continued growth in stock market companies causes people to invest money in them. But what if their value is only apparent. The Federal Reserve Banks who have lots of our money to play around with in the name of our Government are artificially maintaining the appearance of a booming economy when they act to offset in the stock and money markets the real decline of our economy, which is measured by industrial output and standard of living, after taxes and inflation are discounted, and by real return on investments. The long bull may really represent invested or borrowed debt money or credit not real assets. It looks like more wealth but represents less wealth in real terms. By this created appearance of profitable investment opportunity, people are propping up an economy that has already been gutted by usury with their hard-earned dollars, invested in a doomed stock market bubble.
          "So now what happens?"
          The money monsters will, in their chosen moment, pop the bubble.
          Probably manufacture some likely international incidents in conjunction with YK2 and use them as excuses to stop pumping money into our hollow, debt-bloated economy. In other words, the big banksters will virtually stop loaning money by jacking the interest rates on borrowed money through the sky. This starts a real money drain because payments on debts owed don't stop but the immediate income to pay them has decreased for lack of capital ventures and for a shortage of money loaned into circulation by the Fed. Then people panic and pull dollars out of all investments and banks, but find only about 1% of it is required by law to be there in stable assets. And those assets are Federal Reserve Notes, which are of value only as a loan, for no gold backs them. They are not really dollars, not really money at all.


          Everyone who doesn't have money under the mattress is instantly broke and probably deeply in debt. When the value of stocks plummet and the banks stop loaning money, even to the U.S. Government, capital ventures and spending in general falls off a cliff. Everyone cuts back production for fear no one will be able to buy all their products. People stop paying for goods and services that are not absolutely necessary, hoarding their cash. Therefore, all business takes a dramatic nosedive, that of tradesman, merchandisers and retailers. Jobs are lost; investments and savings are lost as businesses fold. Every one naturally pinches pennies, making matters worse. And when the rest of the world sees the U.S. and the dollar representing its wealth lose value dramatically, the same loss of confidence and panic repeats itself in their countries. The U.S. dollar supports so much of the world's economy because of U.S. loans. And the value of other currencies are tied to ours because of money markets.
          But when all this happens the world is just as much in need of goods and services as it always was, and resources are plentiful. People can work just as hard as ever. But the walls of the world's prosperity are pulled down for the simple lack of credible currency. The enemy controls the currency and the credit it is based on. By the blast of the usurers' trumpets marching around our fortified cities, the walls of our confidence in the wealth of our natural resources, labor and production crumbles.
          "So when's it going to happen?"
          "That's what everyone always asks, as if that's the important point." It is happening. It will totally collapse when they give the signal to withhold lending by raising interest rates and thereby lending requirements. Let's say we are floating in a bathtub of debt money. Suddenly the faucet is turned off but the drain plug remains open. In other words we continue to pay bills, including interest on our personal and national debts to the Banksters. But no replacement money is put into the system because the Feds are no longer loaning money into circulation. Pretty soon we have no money to represent the wealth around us. And because individual families and communities are far from self-sufficient, chaos ensues. We would have to trade goods and services constantly.
          "So we trade goods then?"
          Yes, but I would have to find a local farmer with a surplus of wheat, butter, cheese, meat, corn, etc. who needed his house painted. Fat chance. His food rots if he doesn't give it away or barter for something he probably doesn't need and can't sell. I remain idle and hungry. Our principle tool of exchange has been stolen by these Banksters. It's something like that, Sweet.
          "So what do you think the events are which they will use to trigger the crash, David?"
          I remember that I looked at your mother when she asked that question, Phillip, and shrugging my shoulders. "It could be a number of things they have set up to fall like dominoes. This YK2 thing is going to be part of it, I think.
          "What's that?"
          The clock regulating computers will have to be changed on January 1, 2000, or many systems would go down. There has been a lot of speculation about the trouble it would cause. I believe the enemy will use this as a pretext to foment riots or "right wing extremist reactionism" at that time, so a big Government, save-the-day-from-the-crazies gambit can be played out. Maybe martial law will be declared. Maybe the Big Bad Boy


investors that created the huge bubble I was talking about will use this YK2 instability as a pretext for triggering their disinvestment panic.
          I was right, Phillip. Every agent in the WRM had a plug to pull in a sequence of supposedly cause and effect "events" that started on the first of the new year. If it was covered by the media it was a preplanned part of the skit. Very little was spontaneous, grassroots, public reaction. Any impression of public reaction was measured by staged events, interviews and other media "events".
          When Iraq again violated the absurd restrictions that had been placed on them, we invaded and bombed Iraq in order that Russia could respond this time, on cue of course, and send planes to Saddam's defense. Clinton ordered a respectable Armada including 100,000 troops to the Red Sea. Mideast oil producers, including Saudi Arabia, cut off shipments of oil to the U.S. in protest. It looked like a Big War brewing on the horizon.
          After provoking a war in 1999, NATO had attacked Serbia. Russia and the Arab oil producers had finally shut off oil shipments to Europe as well. All of this was secretly preplanned. When Russia in 2000 entered on the side of Iraq, it also entered war on the side of Serbia.
          Greenspend, spokesman for the private "Federal Reserve" banks, began to complain that the rapidly escalating price of oil due to the Mideast crisis, and prospects of a massive shortage of oil had investment bankers shaking in their boots. Actually, we only received 14% of our imported oil from the Middle East. But he decided on a big hike in interest rates, and a moratorium was being contemplated by the Big Banks on all big loans until the world situation was stablized. Only lending to the Government for internal and external security or peace keeping efforts (war) were to be maintained. Since the Fed lent money to the smaller banks and had "guaranteed" their solvency by "insuring" them with public money against a run of withdrawals, these small banks lost heart and copied the big banks, raising interest rates to a prohibitive 25%. And in the meantime a panic on the stock market and other markets was being blamed on the YK2 turmoil, etc.
          "Why raise interest rates, Father?"
          A bank has relatively more money to loan when its investors are not withdrawing money from its reserves. They raised interest rates to slow borrowing so they could supply increased withdrawals.
          As the wars developed, other conflict areas like the Korean border, Mexico, and Africa, heated up ominously. Seeing the mounting world instability, the common people began a run on the banks. It seemed like everyone was pulling money out, but many banks were shutting doors. The people had been robbed all along. Now they suddenly found out. When the banks began to close, the real panic began at the grassroots level. Then the stock market really plunged. The Fed reacted by placing a ceiling on the printing of Federal Reserve notes and treasury bonds, since the rapidly declining wealth (assets) of the nation did not represent the necessary collateral. The selling and buying of stocks, bonds, IRA's, etc. stopped.
          Paychecks were being put on hold at government levels. Some major corporations copied this. There was an eerie, nervous public silence, Phillip, as would be the case when a person was being robbed. Letters to the editor slowed to a trickle. Blabbering lips stopped. The Media promoted the trouble by dramatizing it. People gathered around the tube like hungry children around their mother. As usual Media


voices had just the right amount of concern, optimism, fear, sternness or other tones of practical suavity. Their use of the news to create the effect they chose left one with a kind of nauseating admiration, Phillip. These were master manipulators of thought and emotion.
          It seemed odd as I drove across town to see the many deserted building projects that had begun. Times had been so good only 30 days ago. It seemed unreal. The rumor began in the news that the Fed might offer to buy up all the shares in the stock market at a ridiculously low price in order to "save" the country from total bankruptcy. This would meant that public ownership of American production would be delivered into the hands of the International Bankers who owned the rest of those same businesses through shares and through mortgages covering outstanding debts. The people's money had been borrowed to create huge corporate assets which were now to be effectively converted to stolen goods.
          In the fifth week of the show I said to Ruth, "After they buy all the stock left in America, they'll have almost everything. Then the Banksters will say that we need to bail them out because their generosity and lack of payments on outstanding debts have dried them up in this crisis. Now that they have stopped loaning the Government money, welfare will stop and our country will be defenseless because we can't even finance an army. We've been defeated in our armchairs watching the evening news."
          "That's what they want then, our total collapse?"
          "Sure, but in the process they want us to voluntarily give everything we have to them, including our freedoms, our Constitution. Then we have to accept our slavery as justly imposed by our own choice. That makes us more docile in the long run to our fate. We have lost the moral high ground. We can’t fight back, because we are the enemy. This supine position all depends on us believing their version of things. So we are supposed to be ashamed when they say, "After all you're how many trillions of dollars in debt to us, now?"
          A week later it was "leaked" that a "team" of high level government officials, including a "very worried" President were in "secret" meetings with a group of Fed representatives in Washington. As the conversation was "leaked out" over the next two weeks, it seemed that the Fed demanded a total government reorganization and essentially a different kind of Constitution based on the "collective ownership" of all production and resources by a single multinational BANK. So, everyone is equally poor, equally powerless, equally controlled -- except the Banksters and their troops who were making it all possible with their counterfeit credit and our money, our wealth, which they had "legally" stolen for the last 77 years. It all seemed so reasonable, even generous of them. And the collective versus private ownership of all things seemed to protect us poor people – potentially everyone now -- from the "capitalist pigs" who must have taken all the profits and invested it foolishly and lied to us! Blame had to be placed on someone for ruining our Nation by greed. That's right, the Bankster controlled Media blamed it all on "individual and corporate greed". We all needed to "tighten the belt", "pitch in" and "build a better world," with Uncle Scrooge's help – not just voluntarily anymore, but with more cooperation! this time -- like indentured servitude.
          I remember laughing sickly at all this perfidy one evening in May, as I sat in the recliner waiting for the older children to show up for a family conference. I felt it was


time to pull together and make emergency plans. Major Rioting in one degree or another began in most cities, even ours.
          When all 14 of us had gathered, I began by asking a rhetorical question: "Tim, if you own nothing, not even the means to keep your body alive, are you in control of your own life?"
          "Not much. I can avoid walking over a cliff. I can control my body movements."
          And what if you are told by the ones who are feeding you that, under threat of starvation or some other form of death, you are to do such and such with your body, even walk off a cliff?
          "I'd fight back."
          You don't own anything. They keep you alive. So they have a right to tell you what to do.
          "God gives me a right to life, which means I can take and own what I need to sustain life. God gives me that much by natural right."
          "Well said, Timothy. The right to life involves the right to own property and the means of producing the necessaries of life. We also have the right to act on our conscience and in our own defense and the defense of our family and neighbors. No one can rightfully command us to walk over a cliff or in any way to harm or endanger our life or the lives of others. If they try to force you, your duty would be to refuse, resist and, if necessary, use the necessary means to defend yourself. We do have inalienable rights from God our Creator. Remember that. He is the real Ruler, not these Banksters and their Brotherhood of government rats and the assortment of criminals running the show. They are going to try and take all away from us: our property first, then our power of self-government, then our power of self-defense, and finally, our freedom to act virtuously, to act upon our conscience in obedience to the natural law and the divine law. If we won’t give our conscience up, they will take our lives. If we do give it up, they have taken our souls. We know what's worse.
          "At what point do we resist, Dad?"
          If a known thief and murderer were lurking around your house which is 100 miles from civilization, would you wait for him to break in and point his weapon at you before acting in self-defense? No, of course not. Would you surrender your weapons to him? No. Once you know the design of the intruder, you must prepare yourself to act before it is too late to act effectively.
          "Everyone is saying the new Five Year Community Plan and the Five Year National Plan is fair to all and that it is the only thing that will work anymore."
          "John, it can't work. It's pure socialism. The Communist countries found out it couldn't work. These Plans propose that everyone is an equal shareholder. Yes, equal in owning nothing but what is given them by their new masters!
          Here's an example from nature to prove it won't work. No living thing, no working machine, no functioning organization is made up of totally equal parts, but rather a hierarchy of parts with ascendancy and rule based on the more essential functioning parts. Only dead things have totally equal parts! If you blast a factory or a man into atoms, all the parts are equal. But the thing they were no longer exists. We would say that a being no longer exists only pure matter. This collective society idea reads like a murder mystery. Somebody’s gonna get killed. And we all know the author of the story did it, but he keeps looking for scapegoats."


          "I don’t get it, Dad."
          No business can be started without someone who knows more than the rest about it. They must have the lead, the responsibility and the greater reward for success. Even if all in a group are carpenters or plumbers, one of them is the best or has more tools or more assets needed for the business. What the bad guys really want us to do is give up all we own; give it to them and trust them to distribute it fairly! Don't you see, the main thing they want is for us to be stupid enough to give them all we have, even ourselves. We can't do that. We are God's children, not theirs. Their father is the devil.
          Everyone was silent for a time.
          "Are we going to have to fight, Dad?" Michael asked.
          "Most probably, Son, but the time and manner must fit the immediate need to resist. We will be guided by God."
          "Will He send us angels?" John snickered.
          "Yes, and He will also guide us by way of the order He had set amongst us, Son." I looked at each one of them. "Who is the human leader God has given you all in this family?"
          "You are, Dad."
          "That's right, Mary, and I will accept that responsibility. But you will all choose to be led or not. A father was not set up as a despotic ruler that doesn't honor one's free will to follow. He rules by God's authority those who consent to be governed."
          "Well, I don't accept it. You're not going to rule me or lead me."
          "So be it, John. Is there anyone else who wants to lead themselves ... No one? ... There is safety in numbers, John."
          "God will guide me, not you."
          "Maybe you just rejected His appointed guide for you, John. If He is guiding me, He would be guiding you through me, His instrument."
          "Sounds good, but my experience is, it doesn't work that way."
          "It only works that way with the consent of the governed, John. You have withheld that consent in the past; now it's hard to come up with." The love and hurt, the grief in my eyes was enough for John to know that he needed to leave us then.
          "John, don't go, Son!" Ruth was in tears. Never had her hair looked so gray as in that firelit room. The younger girls began crying softly. I looked at John. He hesitated. Then turned upon me with a stern face.
          "Dad, you're wrong!" He jabbed his finger at me. "God is going to bring this world to a better place. But you're going to cause trouble. You're going to get yourself and this whole family KILLED!!"
          I too believe God is going to bring this world to a better place. I will do what is right before God, Son. If I am killed or those who follow me, that is His business. You are thinking to save your life by doing the will of our enemy. But Jesus said, 'those who try to save their lives will lose it, and those who lose their lives for My sake will save it.'
          "And what the Hell sense does that make," he thundered.
          "It only makes sense, John, if you are a fool for Christ's sake. We must do right for God, regardless of the threats of this world. In return, we receive His protection and His eternal life.
          "Are we going to die?" wailed Kathleen.


          I looked at her, lovingly, until she recovered. Looking into her eyes, I said, "Only if God wants you to come home to Him, Sweetheart."
          "Why would He want us to!? That's crazy!"
          "Didn't He want all His martyrs to die, John? Were they crazy too? In dying for what is right, we will die for our God, out of an unselfish love for God and our neighbor. That's good enough for me. We all have to die anyway. Why not take the royal road Jesus took?"
          John stomped out of the house.
          I looked at the others sorrowfully. "Are you all with me?" Slowly, the yes's came in. Quietly, but clearly.
          "We have been told in Scripture and in the Messages from Heaven that we will be turned over and betrayed by our own." My voice was low, almost hoarse. "Many will be against me; they will be trying to rescue you, my wife and children, from a crazy, "conspiracy nut". Be sure and consider who it is who is trying to save you. These are the times when God tries men's souls and loyalties.
          The wind suddenly picked up. We all seemed to be listening for something in it. "Those of you who live apart from this house, complete your storage of food, water, blankets, candles, arms and ammunition, and any other necessities. Talk with your neighbors. Ignorance of your neighbor is fear of him and vice versa. But don't share goods with them. Urge them to prepare."
          "A lot of burglarizing and in some places mass looting has taken place. We should expect more of it as things get worse. Since the Food Stamp program ran out of money, the poorest folks are getting desperate. So keep your doors locked and opaque curtains over the windows. Open the door to no one trying to demand entry. And then remain armed and ready. Trust no one. In the heat of fear godless men are animals."
          "We must support our law enforcement personnel against civil disorder, looters, and kidnappers seeking ransom. If our police are overrun or unavailable, we have the right under current law to make citizen arrests and otherwise act in self-defense. Our local police fear good men not being armed, because that means they themselves are more vulnerable to the lawless. Soon there may be too few of them to hold back the tide."
          "Call up your friends. See where they stand. But don't form any alliances yet. Try to go through me with everything, so I can act like a switchboard, and we can all stay connected and somewhat directed. We need to discuss all with sound deliberation and pray about it. If we are going to stand by each other, we have to have previously made difficult decisions together too."
          "There is no excuse anymore for individuals skipping the daily Rosary. And other prayers are necessary too. Read the Bible daily. Get close to God in your own hearts and minds. There is no substitute for this security. Pray for the salvation of souls. This will draw down God's Mercy and Love upon you."
          "Remember, communication is our lifeline. I'm the switchboard. If I'm down, Mom's next in line, then Tim and so on through the boys down to Joe. Let's pray for John. I think he will see the light before long."
          "I believe enemy agents that entered as illegal aliens are surely spearheading the big riots in Denver and elsewhere. Don't be afraid to shoot someone in real self-defense, not out of fear. But try to scare them off first.


          Tim, you and I need to get together and look for a place of refuge in the country, or several of them. I want us all to meet at least once a week from now on.
          "Dad, should we begin organizing a militia?"
          An armed, patriotic, god-fearing citizen is already a member of the United States Militia in each State, in each community, Son. We are free men. Government is merely our servant. We can exist without it, just as we did before we created it. Essentially, we rule ourselves, joining hands with others for the common good. We will have to work hard to resurrect this fundamental attitude of the freeman which they have tried to beat out of us in recent years. Again, we have to wait for events obviously deserving of a lawful armed resistance to call us forth onto a field of combat, which itself must be carefully chosen. A solid, moral judgement is needed in regard to our right and duty to act in self-defense. If we act precipitously, we will be seen, rightly or wrongly, as part of the general disorder by the authorities and the people, even by those who remain loyal to the principle of our Nation and the real public interest.
          "And what if the police and government demand our firearms?"
          That’s against the law of this land, Paul. That, in itself, is a call to armed resistance, because it is alien to the common good and the common law and the Constitution of this Nation established before God. False authority must not be obeyed in what is unlawful. The future existence of our nation depends on our resistance.
          Phillip, before we take the walk I promised today, let me read from the Gulag Archipelago by Alexander Solzhenitsyn, a man who lived almost all his life under Russian Communism. He’s been through all we feared for the future in those days of which I speak.

          "And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if every Security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family? Or if, during periods of mass arrests, as for example in Leningrad, when they arrested a quarter of the entire city, people had not simply sat there in their lairs, paling with terror at every bang of the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing left to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever else was at hand? After all, you knew ahead of time that those bluecaps were out at night for no good purpose. And you could be sure ahead of time that you’d be cracking the skull of a cutthroat. Or what about the Black Maria sitting out there on the street with one lonely chauffeur – what if it had been driven off or its tire spiked? The Organs would very quickly have suffered a shortage of officers and transport and, notwithstanding all of Stalin’s thirst, the cursed machine would have ground to a halt!
          If … if… We didn’t love freedom enough. And even more—we had no awareness of the real situation."

          In 1978 this Russian, then in exile, gave a speech at Harvard in which he criticized the West and specifically America. We were herded along by legalism, just as the Russians were cowed by tyrants using the veneer of legality to demand they give up their human rights, which they held in perpetuity under the Common Law of God. Let’s read a few passages from his speech, Phillip.

          "A decline in courage may be the most striking feature which an outside observer notices in the West in our days. The Western world has


lost its civil courage, both as a whole and separately, in each country, each government, each political party … Should one point out that from ancient times decline in courage has been considered the beginning of the end?
          LEGALISTIC LIFE: Western society has given itself the organization best suited to its purposes, based, I would say, on the letter of the law. The limits of human rights and righteousness are determined by a system of laws, such limits are very broad. People in the West have acquired considerable skill in using, interpreting and manipulating law, even though laws tend to be too complicated for an average person to understand without the help of an expert. Any conflict is solved according to the letter of the law and this is considered to be the supreme solution. If one is right from a legal point of view, nothing more is required, nobody may mention that one could still not be entirely right, and urge self-restraint, a willingness to renounce such legal rights, sacrifice and selfless risk: it would sound simply absurd. One almost never sees voluntary self-restraint. Everybody operates at the extreme limit of those legal frames. An oil company is legally blameless when it purchases an invention of a new type of energy in order to prevent its use. A food product manufacturer is legally blameless when he poisons his produce to make it last longer: after all, people are free not to buy it.
          I have spent all my life under a Communist regime and I will tell you that a society without any objective legal scale is a terrible one indeed. But a society with no other scale but the legal one is not quite worthy of man either. A society which is based on the letter of the law and never reaches any higher is taking very scarce advantage of the high level of human possibilities. The letter of the law is too cold and formal to have a beneficial influence on society. Whenever the tissue of life is woven of legalistic relations, there is an atmosphere of moral mediocrity, paralyzing man’s noblest impulses.
          And it will be simply impossible to stand through the trials of this threatening century with only the support of a legalistic structure.
          THE DIRECTION OF FREEDOM: In today’s Western society, the inequality has been revealed of freedom for good deeds and freedom for evil deeds. A statesman who wants to achieve something important and highly constructive for his country has to move cautiously and even timidly; there are thousands of hasty and irresponsible critics around him, parliament and the press keep rebuffing him. As he moves ahead, he has to prove that each single step of his is well-founded and absolutely flawless. Actually an outstanding and particularly gifted person who has unusual and unexpected initiatives in mind hardly gets a chance to assert himself; from the very beginning, dozens of traps will be set out for him. Thus mediocrity triumphs with the excuse of restrictions imposed by democracy.
          It is feasible and easy everywhere to undermine administrative power and, in fact, it has been drastically weakened in all Western countries. The defense of individual rights has reached such extremes as to make society as a whole defenseless against certain individuals. It is time, in the West, to defend not so much human rights as human obligations.
          Destructive and irresponsible freedom has been granted boundless space. Society appears to have little defense against the abyss of human decadence, such as, for example, misuse of liberty for moral violence against young people, motion pictures full of pornography, crime and horror. It is considered to be part of freedom and theoretically counterbalanced by the young people’s right not to look or not to accept. Life organized legalistically has thus shown its inability to defend itself against the corrosion of evil."


          "You were certainly not alone in seeing the evils of your times, Father."
          Most people saw them in some degree, Phillip. The real dividing line was what an individual did about them. I saw to it, for example, that our family did not own or watch TV for 30 years, except for those videos we tried to carefully choose. In this I acted reasonably and firmly on what other people also saw but just complained about. One can believe in Jesus and in what He said, but if he does not act upon it, he has a "dead faith" that bears no fruit. In that exists the means of his own condemnation for not acting on the known truth.
          In the fourth month after the stock market crash, Phillip, it was revealed that the grain storage bins of the U.S. emergency reserves had been depleted for years. This was no accident. Government food rescue operations were sporadic and mainly for the purpose of propaganda. Of the population 75% were eating the equivalent of 1 to 1 ½ meals a day, and the reduction of that was very clearly in sight. Spontaneously, real civilian demonstrations began to take place everywhere. The Press, playing messenger for the Government, told the people the only way they could mount an organized relief effort was to establish "temporary martial law", because the limited military and law enforcement personnel would need the help of stricter than normal laws to restore order. This "solution" was hailed with enthusiasm by the worried but unsuspecting majority of the populace. The bombshell contained in this solution was that everyone must voluntarily turn in their arms in alphabetical order on set days as soon as martial law began and after States established firearm collection stations. Only those who did would be given a Receipt of Compliance (RC) card which would make them eligible for emergency food stamps.
          "That spells 'Give up your guns or die of starvation', Father."
          Exactly, Son. And the outcry against this was substantial. So, the Government waited a month, then re-extended the "offer." There were a few voices of dissent, but most of those who had made their decision to hide the arms necessary to defend themselves and their nation were among the silent too. All knew that confiscation was inevitable, since the Government was willing and able to withhold food from the people until guns were turned over. You could keep your gun or your life, but not both. That was how benevolent those in power were. The totalitarian police state had finally taken off its mask -- for all who wished to remove their hands from over their eyes.
          But shortly after the call for firearms came the further condition that a law be passed beforehand by Congress that anyone hiding firearms would commit a felony punishable by immediate incarceration of not less than one year. The whole package, the "Restore Order Now" bill passed Congress within two weeks. But since it was an unconstitutional law, therefore, it was "null and void."
          The first stage in "separating the men from the boys" had arrived. Patriots of courage determined to keep their arms and actively plan for a fight. Those opposed to the illegal suspension of the 2nd Amendment, but unwilling to fight, became very silent and very fearful of what was to come. The majority were bubbling with foolish confidence. Finally, they would be taken care of by their maternal terry-cloth Government. For years we had been conditioned for this Happy Meal Mentality -- by socialism, American style. The hidden corollary to suckling at the breast of Government was the implied lack of hope and trust in God's providence in supporting those who stood upon principle and


stood up against blackmail and extortion and the spirit of terror behind those criminal acts of the government.
          As the weeks passed on, leading citizens were paraded like heroes and heroines before the people, pleading for their peaceful cooperation. Heavily armed military units and deputized armies of assistant law enforcement personnel established virtual encampments in larger communities. The gun collection process started.
          Invoking the need to put down (bogus) anti-government resistance from right wing, facist guerillas, the President asked the United Nations, without the permission of Congress, for a "peace keeping" force. How large a force was never directly addressed -- a fatefully intentional ambiguity. The pretense of a "heated debate" among U.N. bigshots and U.S. officialdom over this request was discussed ad nauseum by the Press. Finally, after three whole days of deliberation the UN accepted "our" request.
          The first 2000 UN troops to arrive were shown on the tube as respectful, apologetic, polite, Caucasian -- their affable CO's welcomed by Mayors, governors and senators. "How kind of them to come," was the prompted audience response.
          Then all pertinent Executive Orders relating to a state of emergency and martial law, plus a summary of the Code of Military Law and UN peacekeeping directives were mandatorily published by every newspaper, radio and TV station. Phillip, only six months after the Crash we had a police state "legally" in place and an invasion by foreign troops underway. Time seemed to stand still. The UN called on Communist countries to supply the bulk of troops for the U.S. "peacekeeping mission". They responded generously, with two million men, led by commanders in blue helmets -- all marching, sailing, flying towards the U.S.A. But the Press greatly underreported the numbers of troops involved -- a deliberate delayed-information deception. Oddly enough 85% of American military troops were on UN peacekeeping missions elsewhere!
          "If they had been home, Father, we could have policed our own rioting."
          That’s right, Son. The rioting itself was not beyond the ability of our police, national guard and in country military to handle. It had been arranged, along the absence of most of our troops in order to make a plausible excuse for inviting a UN invasion. It was so typical of the enemy that I had easily predicted it. Prophecy loses all its art when you are dealing with serial liars and murderers like the Communists, Phillip.
          Once again the President and his men, in response to a "plea" from the UN, repeated its request to Congress to take up the "reform" of the U.S. Constitutional system, "so that something like this will never happen again." How many times we had heard that line of garbage. Accompanying the request was a proposed draft for key Constitutional "revisions." "Reform," Son, was a code word for total overthrow. These reforms included a few apparently reasonable suggestions which were used as highly publicized decoys for the wholesale butchery of our founding principles of law, inherited from our forefathers.
          "Didn’t Americans care that this was happening."
          Not much, Phillip. They had long since lost their appetite for the substantial spiritual goods of life. They had been fattened like hogs on materialism. The Constitution, properly interpreted, was just "a piece of paper" for the great majority.
          Congress, reeling from the drastic steps already taken which had cast such a shadow of uncertainty over our liberties, felt no immediate necessity to give in to the UN's "request" for a Constitutional overhaul. They soundly rejected the proposal in a


vote. Then, within a time too short to doubt it being a response to America's recalcitrance in this matter, the Day of Infamy arrived!!
          "What do you mean, Father?!"
          The bulk of U.S. Armed forces overseas, probably 70% of our army, air force and navy, were wiped out in a single day by tactical nuclear missiles fired from Russian submarines and mobile units. On the same day the atomic warheads of our landbased Minuteman missiles were destroyed in place. And on this day Chinese missiles exploded nuclear warheads over San Diego, Los Angeles, Seattle and Denver. The "neutralization" of our minuteman missiles was the work of the electromagnetic "cannons" I told you about earlier. Russia also dropped nuclear bombs on New York, Miami, Boston, Pittsburgh and Chicago on the same day using missiles from its nuclear submarine fleet. They also exploded several huge nuclear bombs that had been secretly put in orbit above the United States three weeks earlier. These massive explosions created an electro-magnetic pulse (EMP) that melted all the microcircuits in the 48 states. All industry, all vehicles, communications, timepieces, and computers that depended on this microcircuitry, which the Conspiracy had long ago led us to install in every phase of our national life, were immediately ruined beyond repair. All this, along with the deep economic depression, brought normal everyday business to a near-absolute halt.
          This savage act of war on military and civilian targets was conveniently blamed on the actual launch of a U.S. Minuteman missile and Russia's immediate Total Automated Response System (TARS). This rogue launch was a calculated "mistake" by operatives in our Government. The next day after this Attack our President was faxed an ultimatum from the Kremlin: Civilian law enforcement and military authority must immediately submit full control to UN military commanders. He was also ordered to immediately surrender to the UN all remaining land-based missiles, the U.S. nuclear submarine fleet, and all U.S. military units of any kind in the world. The President announced his immediate submission to Moscow's demands with suitably sad features. The next day, Russia ominously "suggested" that Congress swiftly enact Constitutional reform and then "temporarily" submit to military governors in each State until those reforms were implemented. In less than one month a so-called Constitutional Convention was held. All the UN's suggested socialistic reforms were adopted and approved by the governors of all 50 States, but not by their legislators, as required by law.
          The culmination of all these terrible series of events coincided -- not accidentally I believe -- with the first massive wave of UN led land, air and naval forces crossing U.S. borders from all directions. Without painting a true picture of this invasion, the press, with great calmness and dignity, publicized the capitulation of civil authority by governors, mayors, and other government officials to hokey looking representatives of the UN. It was apparent to many that these handovers were all rehearsed, studio events, many poorly and hastily acted out.
          "And what was the affect of all this on the people, Father?"
          The sacrifice of their lives by millions of civilians and by our men in uniform, who had been set up in a dozen relatively tight formations around the world for the sake of their convenient destruction by singular but powerful nuclear devices, did not come about without benefit to the United States of America, Son. For the people as a whole were greatly and bitterly outraged. A great deal of fat was stripped from their sluggish hearts. True, the greater number remained cowards in the end and soon returned to their


despicable state of moral apathy, but the numbers of those now willing to fight or cooperate actively in our cause, despite being completely unarmed in some cases, increased tremendously. Patriotism burned hot in those days. Many men and women were suddenly willing to give their lives too.
          Arms came into great demand. Some of our bravest military and law enforcement officers, along with some of those they had deputized, cooperated in re-arming citizens, at great risk to themselves, of course. The Barrier of Terror and Servile Fear had been breached by the patriotic love of many people for their heroic countrymen who had died honorably for all of us -- for the Nation we all loved. A spark of honest courage had set many hearts ablaze with unselfish love, welding together many divisions among Americans. Without this great human sacrifice of our servicemen, and the greater number of civilians who died with them, it seems hardly possible that America would have put up enough of a fight to ever turn the Red Tide, Phillip
          The shortages and hardships the people had begun to suffer in earnest had also prepared them, by self-denial, for a greater measure of self-giving. As neighbor talked to and helped neighbor, generosity became a kind of currency that people were proud to spend and hoped to bank on by corresponding treatment when they were in need. Many neighborhoods had formed loose cooperatives, where labor, skills, and material goods were shared and solutions to the needs of the neighborhood as a whole were sought, mainly the need for food supplies. All this, Phillip, was just what America needed to lead it back to the true spirit of free men of good will engaged in the benevolent work of self-government.
          This is not to say that the battle for the patriotic unification of the minds, hearts and loyalties of the people had been won. Far from it. Self-interest formed the limits of motivation for the majority. But, in retrospect, the Day of Infamy was the turning point. And word soon spread that the White House had secretly ordered the firing of the "rogue" Minuteman missile at Russia, which was easily destroyed by their defensive missiles over the Atlantic before the attack began. And it was obvious to many that this attack was too complete, too effective and too instantaneous not to have been totally planned for that precise moment when it was launched.
          The independent, self-organizing spirit of the American character had been activated by the economic collapse as well. Where ownership was still in the hands of individuals, the producing, buying, transportation and marketing of goods could be organized and managed. Of course, the government soon moved to end private ownership of property, without calling it that, of course. But the practical effect of such edicts was negligible for quite some time, and in the face of necessity and practicality, socialistic edicts were ignored anyway, unless the power to enforce them was present and effective. So many people during these days did not actually own the businesses, houses, cars and equipment they, nevertheless, had proprietary use or operation of. They simply stopped payments on mortgages and other debts and began to act, out of necessity, as if they did have legal ownership of what they possessed. Everyone simply ignored foreclosure proceedings, which were rare anyway, given the ubiquitous delinquency on debt payments. It became a homespun legal defense argument that "the common welfare of the people "demanded the maintenance of basic industries, which, in effect, placed proprietary use of the assets of those industries in the hands of those who had been


operating them -- as long as excessive or selfish profit was not gained by these individuals at the expense of a helpless, impoverished public."
          The creation of Local Emergency Governmental Organizations (LEGO's) were similarly argued for on the same premises, namely, that absentee or insufficient governmental management in a crisis situation automatically authorized the citizens affected to provide for their necessary governance, even without elections or appointments. People found that human necessity is the mother of lean, limited, necessary government.
          From this point it was a logical next step to authorize the printing of local currencies. The good faith and honesty of the users was all that was needed to make this work. All such money was soon outlawed, but it remained in wide use by at least 60%-70% of the population.
          The crisis the entire world had reached, Phillip, could be summarized as a situation in which people had to shred their security-blanket idea that the State would provide, and begin to act on their own authority, as those freemen had done who originally peopled and built and won this Nation from the tyranny of England. For many this was a thrilling real-life adventure that reformed their entire civic attitude, personal self-esteem and spiritual life.
          Serious patriots in the years ahead reasoned further that much civil law had been unconstitutionally misconceived by legislatures and/or violated by its own officials so that its enforcement by authorities had become impractical, if not an occasion of disaster. In a degree the system as a whole had failed and had to be set aside. Both the natural law of mankind, it was reasoned, and the Divine Law of its Creator superceded civil law, therefore authorizing and validating the reordering and remaking of civil laws to replace the tangled web of good and evil legislation that had become a self-corrupting monstrosity. The repatriation of America finally came about, Phillip, on the basis of the original Constitution and the Ten Commandments, rightly interpreted by upright men. But this reordering took a decade to formalize on a national scale. In the meantime we found that right thinking and right living make complex bodies of law completely unnecessary.
          "Isn’t simplicity better in the matter of law, Father?"
           Yes. The more detailed the body of human laws, the more room there is for ignoring the spirit of the law for the mere letter of the law and also of becoming dependent on laws instead of creative common sense to guide every minute part of life. As Alexander Solzhenitsyn saw, it is a dictatorship by legislation that cultivate increasingly irresponsible individuals, who then needed to be increasingly governed by more and more law. All this makes a society dependent on bigger and bigger Government.
          "But the interpretation of the law cannot always be in question, Father, or a kind of legalistic terror would reign among the people."
          The rule of law is only as benevolent and unambiguous as the people, from top to bottom, are good and just and honest. In other words, only a right spirit can and will rightly interpret law. Man is the carpenter; law is merely the ruler he uses. The letter of the law can never rule. It is no better than its interpretation and actual use. In the end we patriots decided, Son, that any law that creates and maintains evil, injustice, and progressive disorder or any law that fuels its own abuse, by ambiguity, burdensome


detail, etc., is worthy of replacement. Patriot lawyers also cited the 10th Amendment, which labeled all unconstitutional law "null and void," to justify taking legal action against bad law or the misuse of law by the system. The lesson, Son, is that just men will act lawfully, though they be branded "outlaws," and unjust men will act unlawfully within the confines of their laws -- though appearances in both cases may be to the contrary.
          Thus both sides of the worldwide conflict between godless tyranny and godfearing patriots came to call each other "outlaws." What complicated matters so much is that while a good percentage of the civil law was acceptable to Patriots, the "system" or context of those laws and their application and enforcement had contaminated the whole barrel of apples -- the result being the destruction of our liberties, our values, and social order itself.
          Some men of conscience and good will were slow to abandon the Establishment. Although recognizing the same problem of "the system" and of its manipulation by an elitist-enemy, they made a prudential judgement, for better of for worse, that the appearance of law and order must be maintained to save us from anarchy. The difference between these and the fighting Patriot was that the latter had no faith in the outcome of keeping a traitorous Establishment in power by tending to the 'appearance' of their chief weapon: the manipulation of law and order. The Patriot knew only too well what preserving a resemblance to law and order had come to mean: namely, the real absence of law and order.
          We reasoned that a risk needed to be taken. There was no more time to delay in cutting this cancer out of the Nation -- if the Nation as constituted was to live. Nevertheless, among good men there was an agonizing state of disagreement for a short time. And our enemy, by pitting the appearance of law and order against the reality of their misuse of it in ravaging the country, acted in typical, hypocritical fashion, in order to effect division among people of good will.
          "So what did not exist at first, Father, was a neat division between two clear cut sides of the coming civil conflict."
          Right. Varying degrees of discernment among the populace made the division of "the sheep from the goats" not easily determined by human faculties alone. And so we increasingly said the Church's prayer to the Holy Spirit for discernment concerning the trustworthiness of individuals as time went on.
          Read this prayer now from the inside cover of our Bible, Phillip. "Come, Holy Spirit, fill the hearts of Thy faithful and enkindle in them the fire of Thy love. Send forth Thy spirit and they shall be created. And Thou shalt renew the face of the earth. Let us pray. O God, Who didst instruct the hearts of the faithful by the light of the Holy Spirit, grant us by the same Spirit to have a right judgment in all things and ever to rejoice in His consolation. Through Christ our Lord. Amen."
          "Father, I can almost hear many people who stood against the Christian Patriots in every age, saying ‘but I followed my conscience in the matter, so I can’t be blamed’."
          That sounds good, Phillip, but look at it this way: "Hell is paved with good intentions." Why? Because conscience must conform to reality to be a true and therefore a good conscience. Hitler could have said he followed his conscience too. But his conscience was in error. It was his responsibility to conform his mind to reality.


          Phillip, I remember the day we had our 12th family meeting. I said, "Joseph, you're late Son. I was worried. Anything happen?"
          "The police and a bunch of big shot deputies with guns were stopping everyone on Outer Drive, looking for guns and homemade money. I was cited for not having my draft card. I have to get registered Monday. Somebody told me they're going to draft almost all the men and place them on standby status, so that they will all be under the direct orders of a military officer.
          "Everyone sit down. Did you boys hear what Joe said?"
          "What do we do?" Tim looked worried. "We have Red Chinese soldiers swarming all over California."
          "And they have withheld firing on the people because there’s no resistance. I can’t believe it; no one is fighting back." Paul’s usual reserve was breaking.
          "No one’s firing on anyone, and that’s the way they want it," I said. "They want everyone to follow suit. It’s the easy way."
          "When will the Warning come, Dad?" asked Marie.
          "Don’t cry! Don’t everyone start that again! Marie, God knows the most effective time of the Warning. You all know the revolution in Rome must start first. It seems close, but …"
          "Nothing’s happening, Dad."
          "I know, Paul. The spark isn’t here yet. Nothing will ignite without it."
          "What is this spark going to be?"
          "I don’t know for sure, Son, but here’s my idea. In the Warning individual consciences will be illuminated in regard to their past behavior, and from this they will have an accurate set of guidelines as to how they should act in the future. And the enemy will see their own evil and see that by this universal awakening from God they have been exposed and the way for the multitudes to escape their trap has opened up. For they will see that men are now more afraid of offending God than of offending them. At the Warning all those who will follow the Divine Shepherd will start moving away from evil. At that point, the enemy must act to consolidate their power or lose their last opportunity. Some of the goats will remain frozen, cowering in fear for a time, but with no repentance in their hearts, they will begin to move on as before, following the spirit of antichrist. There will be a majority, probably, who will repent temporarily, until it seems the danger is over or until it can be explained away for them. This is the insincere seed that falls upon rocky soil, springs up but soon dies for lack of roots. The Warning will be the major spark, I believe, of the Second Revolutionary War. But the question is, "Can we afford to wait for it, if they force a showdown before that?"
          "Like what, Dad?"
          "Like using armed force to demand weapons from the people. Are we going to act on principle at that time, or are we going to wait until the whole population is disarmed and then fight a hopeless war, our backs against a wall."
          "How can it be hopeless, David, if God is truly in control?"
          You are right, Sweetheart, God does not depend totally on our good decisions. My point was that part of His control is that His soldiers, those whom He guides, will make humanly wise decisions like I have suggested and, although He could act without our decision, He does not ordinarily do so in the course of human events, and, of course,


it is presumption to think that we need not play our part, or that good will come even though good human choices are not made.
          In other words we pray as if everything depended on God, but work as if everything depended on us.
          How simply and concisely the Saints were able to put things.
          "If we fight back will they bomb us?"
          "They have and possibly will again drop nuclear or neutron bombs on big U.S. cities as a terror tactic or to crush stubborn patriotic resistance, but they won't start an all out nuclear holocaust on the U.S. because this is the apple of their eye. They want what we and our forefathers have worked for. They will not totally destroy this country physically, just the spirit of freedom and those people who cling to it or those people they choose to sacrifice to Lucifer. But in other underdeveloped parts of the world, there will be a nuclear holocaust. According to the Messages, Satan will direct one of his insane disciples to "push the button" that will begin a nuclear firestorm of apocalyptic proportions.
          "What should we be doing now, Dad?"
          "Paul, as much as I wish for an easier way out, I think we should be gathering supplies, keeping a low profile, and starting to form strategic plans for an armed conflict."
          "Should we talk to others?"
          "Yes and no. We need to feel out other potential patriots, but I think we need God's help there. Scripture says that "He who trusts in man is a fool." Say the short exorcism to St. Michael before approaching anyone. All eyes were on me, I could feel beads of sweat forming on my forehead. Phillip, being a leader was not comfortable.
          "If we can form plans that are flexible, the less we risk sticking our neck out too soon. I would like to act as much as possible in union with the will of reasonable, patriotic citizens, even if they do not have the courage or ability to initiate military action themselves. We need to represent all those of virtue and good will.
           I want to talk about our military preparedness with you boys tomorrow after Mass. We'll take a walk up to the foot of the mountain where we can survey the lay of the land. But let me warn you about the militia groups that you see getting attention in newspaper articles, on television and through these flyers that are being put on car windshields.
          "It's happening all over the country."
          "Right. And what does this tell you? Anything sound fishy, maybe a little too neat? Too much press. Is the enemy going to help produce its own opposition? These militias are the enemy's ant traps, spearheaded by their agent provocateurs and funded with all the money and press they need. They will be allowed to mouth off and stage conflicts without serious consequences. Why? They're trolling for suckers, who will be fed to the dogs in the end. The so-called patriotic fronts and factions that for years tore up countries like Bosnia, Albania, Afghanistan, Lebanon, etc., were usually communist fronts posing as anti-communist nationalist liberators. Their design was to invite retaliation by more powerful communist led governments. When patriots joined these fronts, they were neutralized and ended up serving the overall communist objectives.
          "Did everyone hear what is coming down tomorrow?" Ruth asked. "The bishop told the pastor we can't kneel for Communion, and we will be kicked out of church if we


don’t stand when everyone else does. Now what do we do?!" she cried. "We have to attend Mass on Sunday under pain of mortal sin."
          "Not if that means doing something wrong in the process," I said.
          "We're just obeying our Bishop's orders, Dave."
          "That could be wrong too. They have no authority to prevent anyone from receiving God kneeling. That's false authority. It's worth our good example to kneel in defiance of false authority, and if we are refused Communion, we will get up and return to our pew. Jesus will then come to us in a spiritual communion if we ask Him."
          "But standing for Communion isn't necessarily wrong."
          "If there is a good or necessary reason, no, it isn't wrong. If I have a bad knee, for example, and cannot kneel. But necessity is not someone saying there is a necessity because they are telling you to do it."
          "As far as kneeling at other times in the Mass, can we try avoiding a confrontation by sitting in the back pew or going up in the choir loft or cry room where we won't be observed easily. They don't want a scene either."
          "That’s a good idea, Sweetheart. But they will not get our forced obedience, and they will have to pay for attempting that with a scene. That makes them think twice about their resolve and the correctness of their demands when it costs them a public relations embarrassment. When they make a big deal out of a harmless act of reverence, people start asking, ‘what's so wrong with our Bishop that he will go to this extreme to prevent people from kneeling to receive their God, especially in times like this.’"
          "The Sabbath was made for man, not man for the Sabbath" said Jesus to the Pharisees. If we are not permitted to fulfill our obligation of attending Sunday Mass because we choose to do what is right in regard to God’s honor, are we going to be blamed by God for not fulfilling our obligation, or will it be they who are blamed? Nor are we positively doing an intrinsic evil by missing Mass on Sunday; otherwise, it would be forbidden to go camping in the wilderness over the weekend. This seems to be a case of giving good example and resisting an evil.
          "Dad, can we pass out the Warning of Our Lady at Akita, Japan? It's Church approved by Rome, and people might be ready to listen now."
          "Good idea, Mary. Let's do it. Go ahead and read it now."

          DISASTROUS WARNING GIVEN BY OUR LADY AT AKITA, JAPAN, RECEIVES FULL CHURCH APPROVAL – Message of October 13, 1973 "… if men do not repent and better themselves, the Father will inflict a terrible punishment on all humanity. It will be a punishment greater than the deluge, such as one will never have seen before. Fire will fall from the sky and will wipe out a great part of humanity, the good as well as the bad, sparing neither priests nor faithful. The survivors will find themselves so desolate that they will envy the dead. The only arms which will remain for you will be the Rosary and the Sign left by my Son. Each day recite the prayers of the Rosary. With the Rosary, pray for the Pope, the bishops and the priests.
          The work of the devil will infiltrate even into the Church in such a way that one will see cardinals opposing cardinals, bishops against other bishops. The priests who venerate me will be scorned and opposed by their confreres (other priests). Churches and altars will be sacked. The Church will be full of those who accept compromises and the demon will press many priests and consecrated souls to leave the service of the Lord.
          The demon will be especially implacable against the souls consecrated to God. The thought of the loss of so many souls is the cause of my


sadness. If sins increase in number and gravity, there will be no longer pardon for them.
          Pray very much the prayers of the Rosary. I alone am able still to save you from the calamities which approach. Those who place their confidence in me will be saved."
          *April 1984 – Most Rev. John Shojiro Ito, Bishop of Niigata, Japan, after years of extensive investigation, declares the events of Akita, Japan, to be of supernatural origin, and authorizes throughout the entire diocese the veneration of the Holy Mother of Akita.
          *June, 1988 – Vatican City – Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger, Prefect, Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, gives definitive judgment on the Akita events and messages as reliable and worthy of belief.

          The next morning we attended church as usual and, probably to avoid a scene, the priest said nothing as we knelt (as all had done before 1965) for Communion, and before the homily and after the Our Father, beginning with the handshake of peace innovation. ‘It was only a matter of time though,’ I remembered thinking.
          Back home after Mass I read to all the following as a reminder of why we went to such lengths to attend Mass and Holy Communion properly:


          "One of these last Sundays (June 21st or 28th, 1970) at the seven o’clock parish Mass, in the Beauceville church (P.Q., Canada), the parish priest Charles Eugene Houde (about 50 years old) was celebrant. He had already told his parishioners that they were permitted to receive the Holy Host in their hands, according to the directives given by the archbishop of Quebec. This day, before the Mass, he told his parishioners the follow ing: "Henceforth, to avoid complications, everyone of you will receive the Host in your hand for Communion. (That was against the bishop’s directions that allowed the people the freedom to take the Host either in their hand or in their mouth.)
          At the moment of the Communion of the Mass, Rev. Houde turned to the people, holding the Ciborium in his hand. Before he had time to take one single Host and make a single step, about fifty consecrated Hosts flew out of the Ciborium by themselves, they went up in the air, and dispersed themselves around the celebrant, then slowly fell to the ground …
          Father Houde was so much struck by the prodigy that for a few minutes he remained motionless, having his face white. Then, interiorly inspired, he said to the faithful who were approaching the Holy Table: "Henceforth, all of you will receive the Holy Host on your tongue, not in your hand, because God just gave us a sign."
          And, the priest knelt down and picked up the Holy Hosts scattered on the carpet, and he continued to distribute Holy Communion. Back at his prebytery he is reported having said, "Never in my life will I give Holy Communion in the hand."
          If that is true, Our Lord wanted to show that to give Holy Communion in the hand is the same as throwing the Holy Host on the ground, because little pieces of the Host often fall from the communicant’s hands. That is why the Church requires a paten held by an altar-boy to collect the little pieces containing the Body of Christ. That is also why the ritual prescribes the priest to gather the crumbs possibly remaining on the corporal at the altar, and washes his fingers over the Chalice after Communion is distributed. All these precautions to avoid profanations and sacrileges.
          By that miraculous fact and the many and multiplying profanations, the Authorities should be persuaded to cancel the permission to distribute Holy Communion in the hand.



THE LAITY MUST GO FORWARD … "You will all pray for your Holy Father in Rome, Pope John Paul II. There is a devious and diabolical force now trying to tear asunder My Son’s Church. The laity must now go forward and save My Son’s Church.
          "I am with you: as your Mother I will guide you through this battle. The final victory will be with My Son, but you will go forward in this battle of the spirits. It is your test of perseverance, sanctity, valor, and if you succeed in passing through this crisis without discarding your faith – as in test many may or will – you will then receive a well-earned and deserved crown in Heaven."
DO NOT ACCEPT MY SON’S BODY IN YOUR HANDS … "Again and again I wander to and fro directing My children to remain close to the Eucharist, the Bread of Life. but do not become misguided: do not accept My Son’s Body in your hands. Satan, Lucifer, came as an angel of light And set his agents among the Hierarchy of My Son’s Church and deluded them. All manner of abominations are being committed upon My Son’s Body now."
NONE BUT A DULY ORDAINED, LEGALLY ORDAINED PRIEST … "I repeat again and again that none but a duly ordained, legally ordained priest in My Son’s House shall bring His sacred Body in the Host to another. Foul deeds are being committed upon My Son’s Body! And you allow them, Neither caring …"
          "My child and My children, it is the will of My Son that only man – not woman – shall give His Body to the multitudes – only a man, a priest, legally ordained, a true descendant of peter, must bring My Son’s Body to the multitudes."
CONTINUE TO APPROACH THE CLERGY IN YOUR PARISH … "I ask you as your Mother, too, not to give in or give up in this struggle to retain a semblance of the Church of My Son upon earth. You will speak out and continue to approach the clergy in your parish. The monuments, the statues, must remain."
MAN MUST KNEEL BEFORE JESUS IN THE EUCHARIST … "All honor must be given to My Son in the Eucharist. Man must kneel. My Son’s House is the House of God and and a house of prayer, and it must not be turned into a meeting hall.
          "You shall not win souls and neither shall you enter Heaven when you use humanism and modernism and change as your approach. Heaven gave you a full plan for the redemption of souls. You will not change this."
OBEDIENCE HAS BEEN DISTORTED … "Pray for your clergy. Obedience has been distorted now to make them servants of those who are not true rulers.
          "You will pray for all of your Cardinals and Bishops. Because of a false sense of obedience, many go to destruction against their will. However, as man has been given a free choice in will, a man cannot use this as an excuse for his actions, for every man is responsible for the salvation of his immortal soul."

          That morning, Phillip, your four oldest brothers and I (for John had returned) walked up to the foot of the mountain and sat beneath a big Ponderosa pine, singing softly in the steady southwesterly wind. I drew in a big breath, sturdied myself against my emotions and prayed silently for strength. Then I led us all in the Church’s prayer to the Holy Spirit for discernment.


           Men, let us go through the main considerations in any military engagement: 1) Reconnaissance is knowing as much as necessary about the location, strength, activity and plans of the enemy troops and their line of supply. 2) Establishing our own supply of personnel, food, arms, ammo, and necessaries such as clothes, shelter and medical supplies. 3) A battle plan, starting with an overall military objective, with the projected means of accomplishing that goal. 4) A workable chain of command and communication system. And 5) Methods of fighting that are safest for us but as effective as necessary in accomplishing our objectives. Anything else?" Hearing my own voice, I doubted whether we were ready to talk about these concrete practical matters yet.
          We sat still listening to the wind, the big blue sky overpowering, peaceful …, occasionally broken by wisps of white cirrus clouds. This was our land. God had given it unto our care, for our first use, to live in peace and harmony all the days of our lives. Where else could we go? A foreign presence, with unacceptable terms of surrendering our national sovereignty and individual rights from God was pouring into our homeland without just or necessary cause by way of the traitorous cooperation of our leaders. The UN troops from foreign nations were aliens to this beloved land. The very sky above seemed to defy their presence.
          "We have no choice but to fight, do we Dad?" Timothy said in a low voice.
          "We always have a choice, Tim: to do what is right, or not. The real question for us here and now is whether there is more than one right choice?"
          "Is it right not to fight too?"
          "If we are capable of fighting? Well, let's reason it out. We know they want not just our land; they want our allegiance to their values and their plans for our nation. They will want us to lay down our divine Faith too, the gift we have from God which is much greater than this land or our mortal lives. Yes, it would be wrong not to fight against them, knowing all this. Of course, they do not in so many words threaten all this … , now, that is. But we have every reason to believe it will come to that. What they know is that most of the people will accept appearances as they have defined them with their soft words which hide the hateful truth. But what most of the people do is not the basis of morality. The playwright Ibsen once said, "Most of the people are wrong most of the time." So, we must act on the probabilities and certainties of reason and faith. There will be few to help us because there are few that have or value their soul and their freedom enough not to look the other way and accept things at face value.
          "But God will help us, men! I looked around at each one – young men, their love of life now flickering in the wind of doubtful fears, their youthful hopes of a pleasant life threatened by a dark future, where conflicts loomed like tremendous thunderheads. "Remember your true love and your true home. They are with God in Heaven. He asks you to give Him your life now. Put it in His hands. You owe all to Him. He will give you eternal bliss in exchange for your life given willingly here on earth. He, not you or any other power will choose when the flower of your mortal life on this earth will be picked from the stem.
          "Yes, John?"
          "Over the last four months I have come to join you because I prayed. God showed me how vain and foolish and selfish my fears were. I was reacting out of fear, rather than acting as a man facing something fearful, with hope and confidence in God.


You asked if there was anything else a military effort should be composed of, and I think there is … prayer. Prayer should have been #1. We need to pray together as an army, whether we are small or large. In whatever size unit we are in, we should be praying almost constantly, even a little short prayer like, "My Jesus, my Confidence, my Hope, my Love." We should especially pray together before every conflict or mission begins. Otherwise, we will be overcome by the fear of fearful circumstances. Because, as I see it, this job is too big for us alone as human beings." There was a time of silence.
          Before speaking I wiped the two tear-streams from my cheeks. "You're absolutely right, John. That is the most important strategy of all … by far. I can at least dream of the human means by which we might defeat these odds we're up against; but I cannot see us accomplishing that end without the help of God and His angelic warriors at our sides. And I know they are here with us now. We must say the St. Michael prayer often. Let us fortify ourselves now:
          St. Michael, the Archangel, defend us in battle. Be our protection against the wickedness and snares of the devil. May God rebuke him, we humbly pray, and do thou, O Prince of the Heavenly Host, by the Divine Power of God, cast into Hell, Satan and all the evil spirits who wander now throughout the world seeking the ruin of souls. Amen.
          "Let us pray a moment longer, my sons, in silence, each one asking for courage and hope and determination and freedom from anxiety."
          The wind had stopped. Minutes followed, our heads bowed. All of us agreed later, Phillip, that during this time God lifted each one of us up above human thoughts and sentiments and "Blessed us." He commissioned us. Each of us experienced a relieving of tension, a miraculous strengthening and a constancy and courage that from that day on grew into a habit of mind with each renewal of the intention to trust in God, to serve God, and to reject servile fear, which is the tool of the Devil. A certain visible appearance accompanied all valiant patriots we encountered thereafter, a look or manner that I associate with this blessing, which was a kind of enlistment in an invisible Army. I have always believed that from that day onwards St. Michael himself became our leader. The effects of this blessing were not violent or angry, but comforting, fulfilling vital, vibrant, confident, quiet, missionary, burning zeal for the Glory of God. Selfishness and fear seemed to leave us.
          "Father, St. John wrote that "perfect love casts out all fear."
          That is because one is not thinking about himself in love, but about the other? But servile fear is motivated by self-love, John.
          Phillip, this special blessing was like the bestowal of a great commission, as when an officer's rank and responsibility are bestowed. We had become spiritual soldiers, ready for combat, not by our own strength but by conscription into a greater, invisible Army, the Hosts of Heaven.
          We all seemed to awaken at the same time from our silent prayer, slowly returning to an awareness of the present. I was moved at that moment, Phillip, to read from Scripture a passage that had come to mind, for I had carried a small Bible with me. I stood up and turned to them and said: " Let us read I Kings Chapter 17 verses 36-52:

          "For I thy servant have killed both a lion and a bear: and this uncircumcised Philistine shall be also as one of them. I will go now, and take away the reproach of the people: for who is this uncircumcised Philistine, who hath dared to curse the army of the living God?"
          And David said: The Lord who delivered me out of the paw of


the bear, he will deliver me out of the hand of this Philistine. And Saul said to David: Go, and the Lord be with thee.
          And Saul clothed David with his garments, and put a helmet of brass upon his head, and armed him with a coat of mail.
          And David having girded his sword upon his armour, began to try if he could walk in armour: for he was not accustomed to it. And David said to Saul: I cannot go thus, for I am not used to it. And he laid them off.
          And he took his staff, which he had always in his hands: and chose him five smooth stones out of the brook, and put them into the shepherd’s scrip, which he had with him, and he took a sling in his hand, and went forth against the Philistine.
          And the Philistine came on, and drew nigh against David, and his armourbearer before him.
          And when the Philistine looked, and beheld David, he despised him. For he was a young man, ruddy, and of a comely countenance.
          And the Philistine said to David: Am I a dog, that thou comest to me with a staff? And the Philistine cursed David by his gods.
          And he said to David: Come to me, and I will give thy flesh to the birds of the air, and to the beasts of the earth.
          And David said to the Philistine: Thou comest to me with a sword, and with a spear, and with a shield: but I come to thee in the name of the Lord of hosts, the God of the armies of Israel, which thou hast defied.
          This day, and the Lord will deliver thee into my hand, and I will slay thee, and take away thy head from thee: and I will give the carcasses of the army of the Philistines this day to the birds of the air, and to the beasts of the earth: that all the earth may know that there is a God in Israel.
          And all this assembly shall know, that the Lord saveth not with sword and spear: for it is his battle, and he will deliver you into our hands.
          And when the Philistine arose and was coming, and drew nigh to meet David, David made haste, and ran to the fight to meet the Philistine.
          And he put his hand into his scrip, and took a stone, and cast it with the sling, and fetching it about struck the Philistine in the forehead: and the stone was fixed in his forehead, and he fell on his face upon the earth.
          And David prevailed over the Philistine, with a sling and a stone, and he struck, and slew the Philistine. And as David had no sword in his hand,
          He ran, and stood over the Philistine, and took his sword, and drew it out of the sheath, and slew him, and cut off his head. And the Philistines seeing that their champion was dead, fled away.
          And the men of Israel and Juda rising up shouted, and pursued after the Philistines till they came to the valley and to the gates of Accaron, and there fell many wounded of the Philistines in the way of Saraim, and as far as Geth, and as far as Accaron.

          After reading a time of silence again passed between us. Then I stood up, surveying the foothills of the mountain below us, as they stretched in ever narrowing fingers to the river seven miles below us. "First, everyone who joins you should be willing to pray with you. Secondly, our goal is to frustrate and protest the enemy's occupation of our land and drive them out. Therefore, we must interrupt their control of the populace, which is their goal. We can do this by destroying their means of communicating to the people, so that people will begin to talk amongst themselves again like good neighbors. Television and radio stations, cables and transmission towers are useful only to those who control them and we cannot long maintain that control over


them. These medias can be used as weapons against us and tools of evil propaganda. If we can cut off the voice of Big Brother, the fear of him will fade and people will begin to listen to the Voice of God within them. Only then could they begin to conceive of fighting for the truly good values they love and depend on. Without television and radio we will be on more equal ground with the enemy in regard to winning the hearts and minds of the people. At the proper time, we will destroy these facilities, if we can. The internet, CB's and short wave radios are not usable for public broadcast, and we must use them for our own communication purposes.
          All acts of coercion or terror or intimidation visited by the enemy upon the populace, like wrongful incarceration or punishment of the innocent, withholding medical care, food, water, power, employment, theft of property, kidnapping, violence -- these must be punished, severely! so that the perpetrators themselves, as much as possible, suffer personally for their own actions. This shows the people that we are the protectors of the good, the innocent and, especially, the courageous.
          The enemy will try to excuse their oppression and injustices by sending the people on a guilt trip with the concept of their "collective responsibility". That idea that all tyrants love needs to be discredited with the just retribution of those who abuse their presumed and usurped authority. This will cause each enemy soldier, their leaders and their accomplices among the people to think twice about following unjust, punitive orders. This policy of just retribution will secretly divide the enemy's ranks at the level of individual consciences by properly reorienting sympathies towards right, not might.
          These punishments they receive must be swift, if not immediate, in order that the lesson strikes home. Such evil acts by the enemy should be resisted strongly while they are in progress, if they cannot be prevented altogether. We want the people to value our protection of them, especially those who will resist arms confiscation. This means we need a militia hidden amongst the populace as much as possible. Where not possible, we need spies that can quickly tell us what is going on where.
          Full scale battles against heavily armed masses of troops could only come when we have gained much strength of men and arms. Smaller engagements, especially from ambush, with a good chance of escape are more advisable -- but only if a good purpose is to be gained. We cannot kill all the enemy. Their slaughter is not our goal. But maybe we can make them give up some of their objectives or lose the desire to fight and gain a desire to go home, if we give them no peace and security, no easy reign of power. They must be made to pay a dear price for any control they have over the people.
          In any pitched battle, we must have some real advantage or serious goal, and we must disengage before that advantage is lost or when that goal is attained or no longer attainable.
          "What should we do now?"
          "We await provocation, Joseph. We are obviously a weak, isolated, defensive militia. In the meantime, we must search out those who will cooperate. The women can help much here. One wife talks to another, who talks to her husband. Meetings or phone calls are arranged. We speak only in the possible future tense, setting loose plans but definite lines of communication.
          Although their infra-red technology from the air does not let us hide under cover of darkness or of vegetation, darkness is still our best cover. We cannot assume they will be everywhere or always be able to employ effectively these body heat sensors.


          We should find five hiding places and store food and water at each. Each recruit we find should himself recruit a two to five man unit. Each man will put together a full pack, so that he can sleep and eat and fight anywhere. Every man should have a compass and a topographic map of our area with township and range easily identified upon it. This will allow the communication of accurate plans to all.
          At first each man must see to his own source of food and water and for the protection or hiding of his family, if his activities put them in danger.
          "How will we protect the little ones and the women, Dad?"
          I don't have any easy answers to that one, Paul. They too must have armed guardians and easily accessible hiding places. Above all, they must pray. We must constantly work to capture enemy weapons and distribute them where most needed.
          "Will anyone join us, Dad?"
          "Not many will fight until a foreign army arrives and begins to forcefully disarm the public. Then the writing is on the wall.
          "One more thing; small groups of five can communicate better internally. All they need from time to time are objectives and the time and place of major attacks or defense actions. Don't join any big, safe organized militias, because I think the enemy will allow these to be created by their secret agents, in order to control them, render them ineffective or counterproductive or just lead them into ambush. Our ranks will grow from the grassroots, by ones, twos and threes. Be suspicious of big groups or individuals that seem too eager. Better to bring your own pre-selected members into a team. No uniforms are needed. If and when identification is needed, a set manner of wearing an article of clothing or a piece of equipment can be designated."
          I raised my voice: "Men, the country God gave you has been invaded by our sworn, longtime national enemies, aggressive powers controlled by the infernal enemy. The lives and souls of our loved ones, our neighbors, our countrymen are in MORTAL DANGER OF DEATH!!! Fight! Never Surrender! Strive to remain armed at all times or have arms readily available. Pass this message on! Gather others worthy of understanding this danger and fighting for victory over the foe."
          I lowered my voice and sat down on a boulder before them. "Let each of you try to gather four more trusted men at arms. No women. If they wish to fight, they form their own units. At your request, I will be a general to you and to all who choose me to serve their group in that way. Remember, I cannot serve you if you do not initiate communication or give me a way to contact you. So that's mainly your responsibility. Let it be a military order that each unit establishes prayer as a basic activity when together. Any person is free to leave his unit at anytime, as long as he does not directly endanger others in doing so at a particular time. Cowards are not useful to us; they are dangerous. Your trust in each other must not be based on formalities, human promises, rank or rules, but on a true, loving, loyal Godly spirit. In this war, in this time of times, all other loyalties and commitments are unworthy of trust. Pray fervently to the Holy Spirit in the search for these true souls. One of these is worth more than a thousand men of common mettle. You will see.
          So we should go out and find our own team of five and then find other individuals telling them to find their teams of five?
          "Right, Tim."
          "And how will we all maintain contact with you?"


          "Constant contact is not necessary. Each team will plan and execute its own missions according to the general order or objectives they see or hear about themselves or through me. As units multiply, I will give my location to the leader of every fifth unit which will be called a communication unit or "Com Unit." These units will send me a messenger, who will relay all directives and news to the other four units. All five units together we will call a "Company." The leader of the Com Unit will be the Company Captain. Each one of you will rise from captain to colonel when he has 25 companies to direct.
          Right now with the main foreign invasion force of "peacekeepers" due here in about a week, we need to secure a hideout and gather recruits. The collection of firearms will be enforced door to door not long after they arrive. They know that half the people did not turn them in voluntarily when the first call went out a month ago. Questions?
          "Why didn't they aggressively come after our guns when that call first was made?"
          Well, Joe, they didn't have the manpower to enforce confiscation or to put down the open rebellion it could have incited in those who refused. That’s what these UN troops are for. They didn’t trust our own military or law enforcement to really believe in gun confiscation.
          "How many do you think will end up fighting for our country, Dad?"
          Five percent I'd guess will actually fight. Maybe 10% more will support us. Trust in God providing all that's needed.
          "How good life was, Father, before we spoke of all this," Paul said, his head hung in dejection and misery.
          The time of earthly joys are near an end, Paul. The tribulation of the Apocalypse is here. We must cast our eyes and our hopes towards Heaven and Christ's Coming in glory, when He will crown our works with victory. Then will follow the Great Peace all good men long for. Let this hope be your comfort for now.
          One more piece of advice before we go. Do not speak of these matters until you know from the others' conversation and actions of what spirit they are. To sound out a spirit, silently, say a St. Michael exorcism prayer and then keep your eyes open. In regard to others, even former friends, keep trust and wishful thinking in separate categories. Speak of these things only in strict confidentiality, and only out of absolute necessity. Even one's relatives are often frightened by what they do not have the moral fortitude to grasp or cannot at the time conceive of participating in themselves.
          Phillip, we five slowly filed down the mountain in order and in complete silence. We learned later that several independent militias formed in the city within the next four weeks. In each case this occurred by way of this principle: "Birds of a feather will flock together." Many longtime friends with spiritual affinities joined each other for strength and encouragement even before they were ready to commit to arms.
          But we found no one of our spirituality that we could trust, and I began to think that truly spiritual patriots in any significant number would only materialize after the Warning. Spiritual persons in these latter days did seem to be the special works of God's miraculous grace and intervention. But they were hidden souls, quiet, ordinary citizens.
          We who fought for our Country, Phillip, will never forget the Sunday morning parade of truckload after truckload of smiling, waving Red Chinese troops, roaring down Center Street. Armored vehicles and tanks with rubber clad tracks followed. It took


one's breath away to see it. A ball of lead weighed in one's stomach. A steel fist seemed to clench within the chest. "Woe" was written on most every face -- a terrible hopelessness to witness. It was likely to be the most horrifying internal experience most Americans had ever endured. I thought then, 'This is now happening or has already happened or soon will happen all over this entire Country.' I felt like crying out in grief, "America, I love you. Don't leave me orphaned." But as the hour rolled on with more trucks, I determined that it was I who must not abandon my Country, for my Country was simply the totality of people like me who loved our unity as a sovereign, free people. That is when the dread left me. I stood erect, my eyes, like steel daggers, glared out of a face set in marble; my body rigid, controlled, wound like a clock, ticking …
           I noticed that the same emotions of woeful dread were hidden under the looks of authoritative sternness displayed on the faces of our local officials, as they rode by in the parade convertibles, and on the faces of law enforcement personnel and National Guard soldiers, as they stood guard duty along the parade route. At least there was potential in this woe for their future resistance or noncooperation. I wanted to shout: "I've had enough of this rotten deceit!"
          The Governor, mayor, city manager, DA, police chief, and various national guard officers led the parade, their cowardice pitifully clothed in skimpy, plastic smiles. I felt sorry for them. How difficult it was for them to be true to their conscience under such pressure. What inner fear must have alarmed them, in selling out the people they were elected to serve with the timid excuse, "This wasn't my idea." No, but it was their personal decision to go along for the ride or not. Each person put the mark on his own forehead in those times, Phillip. Preserve your body or preserve your soul, that was the choice. And the characteristic choices one had made before were the ones that usually triumphed in the crucible of coercion. Some had spent their lives coercing others, wielding too much power too personally and carelessly. Now they felt the rush of a more potent power pill -- to which it seemed impossible to say "no." All those years they had ruled over little sinners and they did not perceive their own terrible, bloodthirsty addiction to POWER! The ultimate thrill. Make it right with might. Cruelty always prides itself on its appearance of rectitude and objectivity. How else could it stand to look in the mirror of its own savage actions. Such were the sick ones that betrayed our nation and every nation in the whole world. These filthy politicians invited the enemy and his ways into America over the decades of the 20th Century.
          As the last of the parade passed, I fell into bitter anguish. This, alas, is what America had come to -- INVADED!! By the invitation of its own traitors and the apathy and laziness of us all. All was due to the moral and political laxity of our people which did business in the common currency of Human Respect. The time of final payments had come. The Bankruptcy of America had been declared! This was Foreclosure!
          The next few weeks were disarmingly polite, Phillip. A huge public works project, with payment in food and necessaries, employed over 2000 men and women in the building of fortifications and facilities for the Chinese troops. A dozen other smaller local government work projects employed another 2000 tradesmen and laborers. The lesson: cooperation with your new government pays off in subsidization of your life in an otherwise failed system.
          The President, speaking in direct behalf of the Federal Reserve Banksters, had already promised new money to those communities who cooperated with their transfer of


power to UN military command. This transfer was euphemistically termed, "… hospitality to our foreign visitors aiding us in our re-stabilization efforts." Grand plans were publicized for various public "reconstruction" schemes that would "put people back to work and restore our economic health."
          The same ones among us who had always seen what was going on in the world had no trouble recognizing these collective work projects as leading to a virtual slave labor system -- a giant "Gulag Archipelago" -- but one with a happy American dream-whip face on it, for the sake of those eternally gullible 'n gutless ones that had brought us to this tragic pass to begin with.
          Behind the community festivities a serious plan for gun confiscation was being laid. First, registered guns would be called in a second time, then a massive house to house contraband search would be conducted, accompanied by an extensive census information profile and a military/work status classification for males 14 years or older. Communists always separate men from families first. This effectively removes the family’s strength and its breadwinner, making it dependent on government support or destitute, your choice. It also destroys the family as a loyal unit of self-confidence, of self-defense, leaving it without leadership and protection, terrifying its members. A military or work assignment for the sake of the Nation is a convenient excuse for accomplishing this all-important separation of the man from his family.
           The owners of registered guns who had not yet turned them in were to be interrogated while their property was being searched. If the registered guns were not found, they would be arrested and taken to a heavily guarded, barbed wire detention center to await court martial. Punishment was a minimum of two years’ incarceration in a labor camp.
          It didn't surprise me in the least that our Bishop and all his priests welcomed the enemy every chance they got -- as if Americans really needed massive numbers of foreign troops to put us back in business and disarm us. What a fairy tale! Culpable gullibility is gutless subservience to human respect, meriting damnation.
          And, of course, Americans' affluence was to blame for the economic crash said our new government mentors. So now everybody naturally "had to do with less." If you couldn't have gas for your car, it was because you used too much before. "We got what we deserved" was the song we were supposed to sing. But the refrain, "Be glad its not any worse than this," was what really gagged me, Phillip. It was trotted out as a justification for what was being done, not just as the meaningless statement of fact it was otherwise. But it also served double duty as a threat: "If we hear any complaint from you, if you don’t approve what we are doing to you, we will do something worse! Our whole judicial and law enforcement community in America and around the world had been schooled for many years in the use of this systematic coercion and intimidation to get what they wanted without resistance. So the takeover presented no shock to our "system". They were, literally, made for each other.
          Official pressure descended by mail from the Governor's office for all churches to guide their people into the peaceful and temporary surrender of their liberties and their firearms and, otherwise, total cooperation with all other dictates of the State.
          Then came the call to relinquish all valuables, including precious metals, jewels, old money, etc. in exchange for bank credit. How wonderful of them to "redeem" our valuables, giving us in return their worthless "credit." That's why they wanted them,


Phillip. The "credit" would presumably equal a comparable value in the new money that was to come into a community after it had fully cooperated with the first steps of the IMF style reorganization-reconstruction-back-to-work Five Year Plan -- which had suddenly appeared as law without any real American's input. And confiscation of valuables for credit was the first step in this plan. "Promises! Promises! How cheap thou art," I used to groan.
          The real reason old money, gold, jewelry, etc. was being collected by the new regime was that it could make them instantly rich and powerful and make us poor, powerless and at their mercy -- lest we frustrate their new "economic plan" to rob us and keep us poor; that is, to control all individual wealth. This theft was sold as giving each person "a common currency." "Dire poverty," I would tell people is the "common currency" you are being given in return for your remaining wealth, self-sufficiency and control of your life. Their credit is only as good as their reputation for honesty. Can you can imagine that?" My prediction that this would end up being a leveling of wealth to poverty scheme proved true. As it turned out, even if you had turned in more wealth and therefore had more credit in their bank than your poorer neighbor, that extra amount was heavily taxed, assessed, converted and otherwise spent (stolen) to the point where you were almost as poor as those who had turned in nothing at all. It was all done for the "common good," though! How often we heard such words, knowing that they referred to the exact opposite of what they purported.
          Since all banks and title companies and other holders of deeds had gone bankrupt, their assets, the property of others, was taken by the Big Banks, to whom all debts seems to originate, as piglets suckling a sow. The Banks were collecting on the massive public debt and were financing the massive UN "Save America" Operation. Their ownership of all American assets would create the loans of "credit" to restart our economy. "How wonderful of them," many crooned. In other words, virtually all property that had some debt attached to it became the property of the Super-Banks, who then loaned some of it in the form of "credit" to the State, which, the story goes, represented "the people," so that "the people" would have some money to restart their new collective life. How sweetly "Theft" and "Dispossession" sounded now that everything had been explained by "Mr. Bill" and "Mr. Greenspend".
          On Christmas Eve the boys and I viewed through binoculars the bunkers being built by our National Guard troops all along the foot of the mountain and the top of the mountain. Every road out of town now had crash-proof gates with two sentry bunkers armed with 60 caliber machine guns. At least two military helicopters seemed to be in the air at all times. I figured they were looking for activities by those who were planning to evade gun confiscation and incarceration. U.S.-made infra red scopes were rumored to be standard equipment for all Chinese platoons.
          The news now seemed to be strictly controlled, with "public service announcements" four times per hour. Though one suspected that fighting around the country had already begun, only a few incidents were mentioned, always with very grim consequences for the "would be patriots" who had survived the crushing military response to their protesting gun confiscation.
          "What are we going to do, Dad?" Paul said, as we stood looking at the red sunset in the West one evening.


          "I don't know, Son. It looks grim. I'm so depressed I feel that I could die. Lord, God, come to our rescue!" I cried softly, turning my closed eyes upon the darkening blue December sky. "Guide me, Lord. I am in your Hands." That night I read the 30th Psalm of David, among others.
          The UN, in response to a request from countries in Europe for peace-keeping forces, asked Russia for troops to man such a force. Communist agents in all these beleaguered countries had fomented massive rioting and every kind of civil disturbance and sabotage in order to prepare the way for martial law, just as they had in the U.S.A. After establishing martial law, the traitorous governments of all Europe called for help from the UN. The UN called Russia, and Russia complied, with an ill-disguised invasion. Europe was completely overrun and occupied in two months. What had worked in the U.S. worked in Europe too. The bulk of each country's armed forces had been annihilated by tactical nuclear weapons in the Middle East and African Wars into which the treacherous governments of Europe had so readily poured their citizens’ sons as "peacekeepers." Communist "Islamic" armies were pushing into Southern Europe at a steady rate. By this time China had captured the governments of all free Asian countries in undisguised aggressive warfare. Their standard offer was to spare the country's government, military and law enforcement personnel, if they would largely take over the job of enslaving their own people. This "arrangement" was almost universally accepted, since the only option was wholesale slaughter. China's westward marching troops began to spill into Asia Minor. Africa was ablaze with internal strife. Almost every leftist nation in the world had sent troops to America under the UN flag, in order to receive a promised piece of the American pie.
          All this appeared to me as organized, preplanned chaos. The UN repeatedly called for the "voluntary" surrender of sovereignty from every nation, that had not already succumbed. In return the UN promised a government that would bring about peace between the nations -- who just couldn't seem to get along with each other.
           I was not surprised that the world’s total surrender to the UN had been accomplished within a few more months, Phillip. As the UN posed national sovereignty as an obstacle to world peace, they cited the inequality and divisiveness of proprietary rights or property rights of any kind. Boundaries, different customs, religions, laws, national interests and other necessary divisions were blamed for creating conflict and war and poverty. But these limits and distinctions are what makes separate nations, separate families, individuals, cultures. Diversity, Phillip, comes with separate identities, with created individuality. This uniqueness of the nations and of individuals naturally defies monopolistic rule by anyone but God, even as God so intended. The UN’s communist/satanic solution, therefore, was to dissolve all distinctions and individual sovereignties. No more individual men standing before God; no more families and their sacred rights to procreate and raise children according to their beliefs; no more nations, the extended families of Noe.
          By starting the fires of war and by committing "terrorist" atrocities everywhere, the Communists had given pretext for nations, controlled by their secret governments, to call in the UN, which poured more and more hardened Communist troops into the conflict until a forest fire took the place of what had been isolated brushfires.
          Communism and all it stands for could be defined as the demonic appropriation of the prerogatives and the machinery of the State in order to execute its evil purposes.


          The world had also followed America into a deep depression, Phillip. All economies were at a standstill. International trade was dead; for no shipment of goods was safe from Communist banditry in the air, on the sea or land.
          The most important part of the Plan of the Serpent came across the radios and televisions. National leaders were calling for their nation to submit national sovereignty to a One World Government, which the UN prototype would negotiate and actually create. This offer to "voluntarily" submit your valuables and values, your human and civic rights and freedoms was patterned on the police state apparatuse -- threaten someone with an apparently greater material evil, like death, than the evil you are "asking" them to submit to, like the loss of antonomy.
          "Why, again, did God allow them to do this, Father?"
          Because, indeed, it had come to a point where all mankind needed to decide between acknowledging and acting upon those values that led to eternal life as opposed to those which only led to earthly life at the cost of eternal life.
          "So you are saying that Satan was being allowed to present to all a clear choice, however agonizing that might be?"
          Yes, but "clear" is not to be taken as being without deceptive appearances and false promises, but clear to the naked conscience, stripped of its own deceitfulness.
          The Communists and their pretentious, pompous tool, the UN, had a gun pointed at the head of the world. Nuclear devices had been used to destroy cities in almost every nation as a part of the threat: "This could happen to your country on a large scale, if you do not submit." Nuclear Blackmail and every other form of blackmail was being used. Patriots who fought back were hated and hunted as if they were world class criminals. They were portrayed as willing to sacrifice their own people and the human race for their nostalgic, outdated ideas of national sovereignty and inalienable rights.
          "But the opposite was true, Father, patriots were fighting a last stand for the salvation of the human race."
          Yes, Phillip, but not at any cost, like that of eternal salvation. Patriots knew the truth -- fear God first, serve Him, and save your soul, your family, your nation and the world, OR fear the Liars and Extortionists first, give in to their ultimatums and then lose all of the above. When the Warning came, all men, at least for that awful time, feared offending God more than anything else. All the evils that were coming about were seen to be permitted by Him as a corrective punishment for sin; and these temporal evils were seen to be a mere shadow of the eternal evil that would follow if one did not cease offending God and repent before death. Indeed, the temporal evils He allowed brought many to conversion.
          Phillip, the greatest lie of the Devil is that he is the one who is free to punish or spare as he pleases. Not so!! He has no arbitrary authority or power. But it was all important to Satan that he "steal the show," appearing to control the fate of the whole world.
          Indeed, it could appear to those without faith that only the spirit of evil was in control when the Chastisement occurred, as described in the blowing of the trumpets in the Apocalypse (Chapters 8-9). Here is described the divine chastisement of the comet and then in the "sixth trumpet" the diabolical and human chastisement of WWIII. Each would destroy one third of mankind.


          "But understand this, Phillip, the plan of the Diabolical Conspiracy was to pre-empt Scripture: They would bring about WWIII but advertise it as the Final Judgement, as described in Chapter 16 of the Apocalypse. The Final Judgement is preceded in Scripture by the battle of Armegeddon, at which vast assembled armies are destroyed by Divine Power as they are about to descend on "Israel." The Israel referred to in Scripture is the Catholic Church. But the Conspiracy would have it be their false Israel, the socialistic state of modern times. These armies of WWIII, whom the Conspiracy fully controlled, were in place around the modern socialist state of Israel when, with Israel's secret electromagnetic weapons, these armies were destroyed. This was a staged human event with Big Media coverage, but it would appear to be a miraculous event, because of the invisibility of the weapons used. The still secret electromagnetic mega-weapons would destroy a "purported" 200,000,000 troops.
          "So Satan's agents in the Conspiracy would be seen as God avenging the 'Jews of Israel' who had been long persecuted by the Christian Church and Christian civilization."
          You have it, Phillip! And this act would be credited to their bogey "messiah" who would accomplish the "conversion of the whole world" … to the One World Religion and Government of Antichrist! This conversion also would be an accomplished media event, with stooge representatives of every religion paraded before this messianic mediator to pay him homage for saving the world from the unconquerable rogue army of 200 million. Homage would be paid to this phoney messiah in the form of the promised cooperation of leading their people into the one "Religion" (of Antichrist).
          In order to further mimic Scripture, all the world's so-called Jews, that is, those people practicing Judaism would be the first to recognize and receive the messiah. In case these peoples didn't all believe, they would be represented by a known and "prepared" world representative of Judaism. Then, the Catholic Pope having been removed or driven into hiding, a high ranking apostate official or imposter pope would be conscripted to supposedly lead the "Catholic Church" into submission. This elaborate Grand Stand Event of "Armeggedon" and the "second coming of Christ" was to become the wonderful formative event producing a One World Religion to go along with the One World Government being wrought at the same time. Suffice it to say, Phillip, God had other plans.
          But "the show would go on." Before the great armies under their control which were no longer useful to them, but rather a danger, were disposed of in the great Messianic Media Event (MME), they were used to subject the world to the total tyranny of antichrist by disarming the people, destroying their resistance and their social order and placing them under crushing military rule that controlled life sustaining goods and services – all totally directed by World Government Representatives. (WGR's) A sufficiently giant mobile army was spared the great slaughter in order to put down any rebellion, worldwide. Now this evil army could be slain by the breath of the messiah.Just as the false messiah by the wave of his hand supposedly called down the divine power to slay these great armies, so too he would call for the slaying of any nation or community that did not accept his rule in mimicry of Israel slaying the idolatrous nations when entering the Promised Land long ago. A few communities in each larger nation were used for demonstration, with agent provocateurs creating the required resistance to the Bogey’s reign, so that the "stiff-necked" people could be annihilated with secret weapons.


          As clumsy as all this was when actually carried out, people who did not have an abiding Faith in God or see His Truth contradicting all this murderous, lying garbage were so desperate to believe in a Saviour that they were literally on their knees adoring this Stooge of Satan and fanatically carrying out his every word dictated over the televisions of the world. They were promised a new age of peace, the Age of Aquarius.But, I'm getting ahead of my story, Phillip. Here at home the time had come to make a stand.
          "It's been a very long day. Let us sleep, Father. It is a beautiful evening. Can we not sleep outside under the stars? I want to listen to the wind in the pines as I go to sleep. That song may dispel the noise in my head from the hearing of so much carnage and fantastic insanity in one day."
          Yes, Son, bring the robes. You are right, it is time to rest our minds. And yet we must never forget this lesson God left us of Satan's incredible deceit, purchased by the murder of billions of human beings; for he will come, again, before the end of time with lying wonders, in the person of Antichrist himself. Nor, in my opinion, will he disguise himself as being anyone else.
          "Then how will he deceive? Here, you drink first of the dipper, Father."
          The only example I can think of to explain it is that of a known prostitute who openly admits to the man before her that she is as unfaithful and evil as Hell itself; but, at the same time, she is smiling at him in the most appealing and lovable way. Being full of lust he deceives himself by giving credit to this appearance of good, despite the knowledge of evil beneath and unites himself to evil by sin.
          "That is believable, Father, frighteningly believable."


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