The purpose of this book is to extend an invitation to all peoples of the world to become Christians and Patriots in the truest sense of the word.  For those who already consider themselves to be such, what follows may still be of some help in re-examining that matter and in deliberating with me on the nature of times past and those times to come.  From this deliberation may come a clearer sense of urgency and mission and more courage and foresight in regard to one’s personal actions.
        God guides every man by his own lights.  I am sharing my vision with the reader, only to the extent he wishes to share it.  If God uses my work to aid him in accomplishing His Will, I have essentially accomplished my goal and am sufficiently rewarded.
         In regard to future eventualities, i.e., "the way it will be," I claim no divine certainty, special gifts, or extraordinary inspiration.  In such matters I have relied on the best sources of science and prophecy, applying speculative reasoning and imagination to my understanding of the same in order to arrive at probabilities that may prove more or less useful to the reader who tries also to envision where we have been, where we are, and where we are going as a human race, as a nation, and as individuals in God's creation.
         I am not a doctor of philosophy or theology.  I humbly submit all I have stated as fact, truth or otherwise to the Judgement of Almighty God and to any authority He has established upon this earth to render true judgement of such matters as I have touched upon.
         The historical scope of this book begins with Adam and ends with the latter times, specifically, the initial years of the Great Peace that is to follow the Great Chastisement, which is called in Scripture, the "Day of the Lord."  The prophecies of Scripture and some of those authentic Messages from Heaven of the last 2000 years dealing with the latter days are examined herein.  They mutually confirm each other in a coherent prophecy of imminent future events around the year 2000 AD.
         I try to define herein the People of God from the earliest times, the Christian experience, the nature of the true Christian Church, and the enemy's essential errors, temptations, tactics, and deceptions.
         I have liberally quoted some of the most profound, exciting, revealing and almost universally unread literature to provide vitality and insight to an understanding of past, current and future events.
         I cannot always promise the reader easy reading, complete agreement, or literary excellence, but I think I can promise most of my readers a fascinating, eye-opening reading experience, one they will not have ever found duplicated, one in which they will be told the truth about many things that are held hostage today by endless convolutions of sophistical confusion.
         Even as the Israelites at the Passover meal ate quickly, standing with staff in hand in remembrance of their flight from Egypt, I have also written this book in haste, buying the time with a year's savings. If I leave something integral to the subject matter or the narrative unsaid, your sympathetic understanding and your help in picking up the stitches missed will be appreciated. Imagine for yourself what more could have been explained or described, especially in the time of Peace (Chapter XI). A whole book could be written of the overflowing joy of Christian people united in one Faith under one Shepherd living in profound mutual charity, simple rectitude and order, with continual praise and thanksgiving ascending to God from humbled, prayerful hearts.
         At this point we may as well address a question many potential readers could have:  "If the author is not of my faith, why should I read further?"  My answer is that if one is not a Christian, he has nothing to lose and everything to gain.  But if one is a Chrsitian, he may say,  "After all, Christianity is divided and I have chosen my brand of it."
        One moment, Please!  Can there really be more than one true Faith, more than one set of true doctrines revealed by God for men to believe upon the authority of God?  No! And this true belief in what God truly said is   Divine Faith in the True God.  And this Faith alone justifies unto eternal salvation.  Every Christian, every worshipper of God must, in his heart of hearts, wish to have this Faith, that is the true belief in what God actually revealed to Mankind and commanded him to do and not do.
        Further, consider these arguments:  God is one, not divided against Himself.  Therefore, God is Truthful.  He is not equivocal; He does not speak with a forked tongue, telling one person or group of persons a set of truths contradictory to another set of truths He tells another person or group of persons.  Therefore, God is not responsible for contradictory religious beliefs among Christians or among the peoples of the world.  People must be so responsible.  Therefore, the duty and burden and necessity of finding and obeying the one true Church of God is upon each man's shoulders.  God has certainly done His part.  And from the humble person who sincerely desires to know the full truth, He will hide nothing; rather, He will reveal to him all he needs to know.
         Everyone worthy of the name Christian believes that God has revealed One set of truths for the good of All men in all times, through Jesus Christ, true God and true Man, Who established and informs One Church guided by One Holy Spirit of God until the end of time.  And, because God is a loving, merciful God, He would not leave men in any age without a sure source of Truth about all that they need to know, believe and do to be saved.
        Therefore, historically, the True Church must begin with Christ and endure without intermission until the end of time as one and the same Church, that is, without change of Doctrine.  There can be only one such Church.  The indisputable facts of history show that there is, in fact, such a Church beginning with Jesus Christ, as represented in the following graph:


To view a larger version of the image, click on it. (140kB)

        Why, if God's Word is almighty, is there any division among men's beliefs.  Because man has a free will.  He is free to listen to the Word of God or not listen.  He is free to alter the Word of God or not.  He is free to be docile to the teaching of the Holy Spirit of God or not.
        Among the babel of error, sin and imperfection that infects all mankind, it is easy for any person to become lost in the search for Truth, if they depend on themselves or others alone.  But, if we pray to the Holy Spirit for right judgment, will He lie to us?  Will He tell contradictory things to us?  Of course not!
        Therefore, sincere, persevering prayer for enlightenment cannot fail to bring enlightenment of the One Truth. And, since God is the only remedy for our ignorance, we fall upon our knees before Him and sincerely and humbly beg Him to enlighten us.  Pray with me this prayer we say before reading Holy Scripture: "Come, Holy Spirit, fill the hearts of Thy faithful and enkindle in them the fire of Thy love.  V. Send forth Thy spirit  and they shall be created.  R. And Thou shalt renew the face of the earth.  Let us Pray.  O God, Who didst instruct the hearts of the faithful by the light of the Holy Spirit, grant us by the same Spirit to have a right judgment in all things and ever to rejoice in His consolation.  Through Christ our Lord.  Amen."
       If this expresses the essence of your prayer also, read on; for you will not and cannot be deceived if the Holy Spirit guides you; nor will He give you a stone when you have humbly and sincerely asked for bread.

       This work is an attempt to present some of the most essential and unique discoveries of my fifty-two years of Christian life.  My reading is extensive in breadth, preceded by a formal education in literature and philosophy, including Ph.D. studies beyond the MA degree.  My wife and I have conceived and now raise together twelve beautiful children, six boys and six girls.  Though the times in which we have lived were very difficult and the times to come seem frightening, we are supported by the Divine Gift of our Faith in Jesus Christ and the Church He established for all time.   Wishing every person in this world eternal happiness, we offer to them this work which we believe God has fitted us to give, through His Love, to His children, by the merits of our Redeemer, Jesus Christ.
         May God have Mercy on all men of good will.

                                                                                                         David Pedry
                                                                                                         June 18, 1999

Time Line


         Forth from the Almighty, Eternal God  // Cometh the Pure, Holy, Indivisible Light, // The Absolute and perfect Word of God, // The Truth, that-which-is in the Infinite Understanding, // The Creator of all things which were, are now, or ever will come to be. //And this One, Indivisible Light of God, // Taketh on Flesh, the Christ, the Light of the World, // Born of the Blessed Virgin, Mary, // the Mother of God, the Ark of Salvation.
         With Christ its Head and Captain,  // Behold the One, Holy, Catholic, Apostolic Church,  // The Mystical Body of Christ, The Bride of Christ,  // That Instrument of God by which, and through which every man may be saved from the Jaws of Hell!
         Light Indivisible,  // Emanating from the Doctrine, Sacrifice and Seven Sacraments of this Divine Church, // By the Power of the Holy Spirit, // Shineth forth into the Darkness,  // Which is Satan, Sin, and Death, // and cutteth this hateful Darkness of Error to ribbons, // So that the Peoples of the Earth are in great Confusion and Tribulation // Because the Unity and Power of the Prince of this World in Darkness has been shattered.
         But when the Son of God returneth upon the Clouds of Heaven, on the Day of the Lord // He will cast all those creatures of darkness into the fiery furnace of Eternal Punishment  // And the rays of Eternal Light will seem to coalesce and now appear to the remnant of all people as One, which they always were // and those within the Circle of this great Light are gathered by It unto Glory, // Living by Faith in the Word for the Love of God  // And, hereafter, in Heaven dwelling forever with their God.  AMEN.


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