Phillip, your father is the grandson of an Austrian immigrant, whose family name was Petri (Peter). The name in olden times referred to the keeper of the castle, the one with the keys, who opened and closed the main door, the one trusted with keeping the enemy out but welcoming friends in. My grandpop mined gold in Colorado as a young man in the early 1900’s because there was a shortage of money in Europe. To the Tyrolean Alps of Austria he returned to marry. Back to Ohio they came, where he mined coal, and they raised four children, the oldest being my father. In World War II, my father, after flying the B-26 in the North African offensive as a bombardier, returned to a military base in Florida where he met and then married my mother. Her mother was of German descent and her father of Irish parents. Dad earned a Master’s Degree in geology from the University of Ohio in Columbus, where I, the first of four, was born. In 1950 we moved to Wyoming, where Dad worked as a geologist, discovering for his company one of the largest oil fields in the state.
          The nuns at the Catholic school I attended instilled in me a knowledge of the true doctrines of our Holy Faith, and I grew up a loyal son of the Roman Catholic Church – a sinner, but one who repented; one lost and hurt sometimes, but one who always returned to the mercy of his Father in Heaven. A good student, strong, shy but fun loving, I was exceptional in nothing. I learned to love the high plains of Wyoming, the sagebrush, cactus, sparse grass, and the great mountains bristling with pine, where the oldest rocks in the world were exposed in jagged, snow-covered peaks. I loved my country, the land upon which I would spend the rest of my life. As I grew into young manhood, I explored every range, every road, walking the land, surveying it with eye and imagination, smelling it, feeling it, as a man would his own inherited property. In all this I first learned something of patriotism, the love of our homeland.
          I served in the Vietnam War as a Navy medic in hospitals, dispensaries and with the 1st Division Marine Reconnaissance in the field of combat near DaNang where I saw action seven times. I returned to attend our community college. After praying and fasting for three days on the mountain that fall, asking God for a wife, for I was not "a lady’s man," I met your mother on my birthday that December, 1971. She was a Southern Baptist girl of 19, who converted to the Faith, receiving her First Communion on our wedding day in the summer of 1972. We earned our degrees in English from the University in Laramie. Upon marrying, we immediately began our family of twelve children, six boys and six girls. Christopher John, who died at birth, would have made the seventh of thirteen. We trust he has always interceded for us in Heaven, Phillip. Our road was rocky; we were very far from perfect, and if not for our continually seeking and receiving help from above, we would have fallen into error and disarray like so many around us who abandoned their Christian marriages or abandoned the true Faith or the worship of God altogether, submitting willingly to the false philosophies and the immoral values of our times.
          By 1982, I was working as a geologic aide for a big oil company, after years of working as a school teacher, draftsman, carpenter, heavy equipment operator, and laborer. Beginning at this point in time I will try to give you a glimpse of what our life was generally like in these fateful days before the end of time as we knew it.
          "Was this time before I was born, Father?"


          Yes, you were born in ’91. This was ’81. I remember the dreary sky and icy streets as I drove the little brown 1968 Toyota Corolla to 7 a.m. Mass before work one day. I remember thinking that we had worked so hard on our Catholic Books’ business, composing and printing a little blue catalogue, which we had to pass out on the windshields of cars after Mass because none of the priests in town would support us in our effort to supply the Faithful with orthodox Catholic classics. I was very angry and bitter at their heretical coldness and insulting indifference of the priests towards us traditional Catholics, an attitude that did not change -- not until, perhaps, the "writing on the wall" appeared for them in the final moments. The priests were good men; the older ones were well educated in the doctrines of the Faith, but even they had succumbed, out of human respect, to a spiritually hardened, mediocre type of Modernism.
          Those infected with the modernist-humanist error were not content to simply be faithful witnesses to Christ’s doctrine, they had to add something of their own or at least something new, because they were more interested in their being the saviour than they were interested in letting the Saviour, through His Sacraments and His pure, unadulterated Message, be the rescuing hero.
          It was only through many shocks and disappointments that I came to realize the degree of their blindness, their Neo-Protestantism. It was like a crucifixion for me. For I had a great love and respect for the Church and her Doctrines and Traditions, which was like my personal love for Jesus in intensity. And priests were the representatives of Christ on whom He had bestowed His priestly powers. My love of God in His Church was an anchor in my life. It was a love directed to the Holy Spirit of God, Who came on Pentecost Sunday as a Flame to weld together, with the solder of Divine Love, the members of Christ’s Mystical Body, the Church.
          In two parochial schools I had been run off as a teacher, in one case for teaching seniors in high school "to think" about what they were reading in their sociology textbook, Newsweek magazine! And in the other school for teaching out of the Baltimore Catechism to sixth grade students who were given a book of sentimental mush in place of a true catechism. Phillip, this "thing" I was given to teach from, I could not find a single Catholic doctrine in it. My articulate complaints to the school, parents, and bishop earned me nothing but a reputation as a vociferous dissenter and nonconformist. My letter to the diocesan newspaper condemning the new Mass as an illegitimate, though valid, product of modernist heresies did nothing to subtract from this reputation Statewide. The bishop had probably then ordered his priests to ignore my letters to them, and I was forbidden to have my letters printed in the diocesan newspaper.
          That morning I had come to the end of my rope, Phillip. My hope and trust in God cried out, "God, Where Are You?! Speak to me! How are you ministering and speaking to your people?! What do you want me to do?!" So many times have my prayers been answered when they were shouted out like this in the vehemence of my anguish of soul and temporarily disillusionment.
          "Why does God wait until then, Father?"
          I don’t know, Phillip. Maybe it is only then that I am hungry enough to fully heed what He is going to tell me. He tests me to that point where I cry out to Him, sometimes even in anger. Anyway, I received the answer to these questions a week later, because one of our Catholic Books’ catalogues somehow ended up with a woman in New York City, who then sent us three of the Bayside Messages. As soon as I read one, I knew that


God was speaking to his Faithful! "Thanks be to God!" I called out, lifting up my unburdened heart in joy to God for the first time in many years. I read all 250 Messages in the next few years and your oldest brother and I attended the June 18, 1982, anniversary vigil in which a Message was given. The two of us were made part of the standard and statue bearers in the procession.
          In the years ahead many prayers were answered through the intercession of Our Lady of the Roses, Mary Help of Mothers. I truly believed the words of our Lady given at Bayside that those who come to these grounds and believe are personally ‘called by the Heavenly Father’ to receive the gift of knowledge, so that they stand within the "Circle of Light," holding a candle in the darkness, one of the pinpoints of light on the darkened map of the United States. I began to read Heaven’s Messages from other times and places which addressed the latter times. As time went on we saw more and more people, believers of all creeds and even unbelievers, slowly awaken and try to throw off the dark blanket of deceit draped over their nation and the world. The candles of our knowledge helped cause in a small degree a spiritual light to penetrate the darkness around those many thousands of just souls we contacted or informed inasmuch as they chose to embrace the true Spirit of Faith.
          It seemed that because we were chosen to lead this mission in Wyoming, the devil caused us special tribulations, using our sins, faults, and troubles as well as other agents as his instruments. All of this suffering produced a slow purification of our lives. We were by no means angels of spotless virtue. We too struggled to work out our salvation, even as you and I do now, Phillip. This constant labor helped prevent vanity and conceit, or complacency in our possession of uncommon knowledge about the future events of the latter days.
          I saw my many "Letters to the Editor" over the years have the effect of bringing out similar opinions from those patriots who had been afraid to speak out in protest before. Witnessing to what we knew became an important part of our life.
          But the structures of power in church and government, business and society kept marching on, their agenda and their propaganda becoming more and more subtle and persuasive as their action became more outrageous. But even the enemy had no choice but to let the truth emerge, at least by their own actions. A battle raged for the allegiance of everyone’s body, mind and soul under the appearance of normalcy and progress and enlightenment and good will.
          All this was referred to by Our Lady at Bayside as the "battle of the spirits." I felt compelled to fight for the enlightenment of souls even in the face of their overwhelming resistance, deafness and blindness. In the battle of education and influence we sought to throw sparks that could ignite a small ground fire, which could someday spread to a forest fire. Only a few responded, and they, timidly, usually dropping out of sight before long. The truth has never been popular, Son. Coming to understand and act upon it is a slow tortuous process. Discouragement was our constant foe. Disappointment was our daily bread.
          "What was your greatest obstacle in reaching the people, Father?"
          A great hurdle for those who protested the work of the enemy, either in the church or the state, was the loyalty of the timid, the uneducated or the scandalized in defending the appearance and traditional reputation of the institution of the church or the state, not realizing that we critics were trying to save the very spirit and truth of those institutions


from those who were posing as their representatives but who were really trying to destroy them by their lies and unlawful, revolutionary misrepresentations.
          I knew that George Washington was also considered a traitor by many Tories of his day because he and the rest of our Founding fathers seemed to challenge the respected institutions of English law and rule.
          When I first read the account of George Washington’s Vision, which several of his contemporaries put in the Congressional Record of Honor, I wondered where those few patriots were in my time who would have the courage to stand up and fight with me. For no more than 3%, it was said, fought for our freedom in the First Revolutionary War.           Let us read of George Washington’s Vision, Phillip. It confirmed the coming invasion of the United States that Heaven’s Messages given at Bayside and Necedah had also warned us of.


          THE UNCOMMON MAN: The great British statesman and four times Prime Minister, William E. Gladstone, once proposed the creation of a grouping of pedestals for statues of history’s most famous men. One pedestal stood higher than all the rest, and Gladstone was asked to identify the figure to be given the place of honor. Without a moment’s hesitation, he named George Washington.
          At the Continental Congress meeting in Philadelphia, December 1799, one of Washington’s finest military commanders, the famous cavalry general, Henry "Light-Horse Harry" Lee, now Congressman from Virginia (and later to become that state’s governor) upon hearing of the death of our first president, rose to his feet and with tears in his eyes spoke for all Americans for all time when he said of Washington, "First in war, first in peace, and first in the hearts of his countrymen."
          Washington had a commanding appearance. He was the most physically impressive of all of our Presidents, and in his prime stood over 6 feet 4 inches tall and was a lean and powerful 225 pounds. In addition, this handsome figure had a distinct military bearing.
          It is not known what percentage of the Colonists genuinely supported the cause for freedom. Many of those who opposed independence constantly gave help, comfort and support to the enemy. Probably no more than 3% of the people in the Colonies actually took part in the fight for American independence. Then, as now, apathy, self-interest, uncertainty and fear prevailed among a large portion of the population.
          THE RESOLUTE LEADER: Among the many outstanding men of leadership in the American Colonies, Washington stood out above all. Once the War for Independence began, he was quickly and logically chosen Commander-in-Chief of the Colonial Forces. Washington had the impossible task of taking a few thousand untrained volunteers and leading them against the armies of the world’s greatest empire. Great Britain was a powerful and progressive nation with colonies and influence around the world, and she had mighty armies and fleets to defend her possessions. England could accurately boast that the sun never set upon her flag or the British empire.
          General Washington led his men with a passion, courage and fortitude that could come only from total dedication. When the Continental Congress did not, or could not, send the funds for his soldiers’ supplies and salaries, Washington paid for them out of his own pocket. He gained and held the allegiance of his men because he was fair, firm, resolute and dedicated. Moreover, he was a devoutly Christian man who made no


apology for prayer. He repeatedly called upon God for deliverance and victory in the struggle for freedom.
          THE MAN OF GOD: The paintings of George Washington kneeling in prayer in the snow-covered woods of Valley Forge are based on fact. He believed that God would lead him to victory, and anyone who has read his handwritten letters and documents cannot help but be impressed by his reliance on the Almighty and his deep belief in Divine Guidance.
          Strengthened by a sense of duty and honor, driven by a love of freedom and a hunger for justice, sustained by faith and confidence in divine providence – George Washington would not fail. He would fulfill his destiny. This uncommon man would lead the colonial forces to victory, become the father of our country, be unanimously acclaimed our first President, and set the course for what was to become history’s greatest nation.
          Little wonder, then that he was shown great favor by the God of our universe. As the prophets of old were shown the destiny of mankind, so was Washington shown the destiny of our nation. General Washington had an unusual and profound spiritual experience in Valley Forge. He was given a vision of so momentous importance that it prompts the writing of this paper and the dissemination of this information to all concerned Americans.
          Washington told of the event shortly after it took place. It was repeated to his close confidantes and fellow patriots during the 22 years he lived after its occurrence. And is has been carried in print from time to time over the past 200 years. However, since spiritual experiences tend to be ignored by secular historians, it has remained at times an obscurity.
          It is the personal opinion of this writer that God moulded, inspired and directed George Washington. He was, indeed, chosen to be a special man, at a special time, for a special purpose.
          THE VISION: Various accounts of George Washington’s vision and prophecy all agree in content. There have been only minor variations in some details as the story was repeated over the years by those to whom it was related by General Washington. The place was Valley Forge, in the cold and bitter winter of 1777. Washington’s army had suffered several reverses and the situation was desperate. Food was scarce. The Continental Congress was not sending supplies or money. Some of the troops did not even have shoes to wear in the snow. Many soldiers were sick and dying from disease and exposure. Morale was at an all-time low and there was great agitation in the Colonies against continued effort to secure our freedom from England. Nevertheless, General Washington was determined to see the struggle through.
          These are the words of a first-hand observer, Anthony Sherman, who was there and describes the situation: "You doubtless heard the story of Washington’s going to the thicket to pray. Well, it is not only true, but he used often to pray in secret for aid and comfort from God, the interposition of whose Divine Providence brought us safely through the darkest days of tribulation.
          One day, I remember it well, when the chilly winds whistled through the leafless trees, though the sky was cloudless and the sun shone brightly, he remained in his quarters nearly all the afternoon alone. When he came out, I noticed that his face was a shade paler than usual. There seemed to be something on his mind of more than ordinary importance. Returning just after dusk, he dispatched an orderly to the quarters who was presently in attendance. After a preliminary conversation of about an hour, Washington, gazing upon his companion with that strange look of dignity which he alone commanded, related the event that occurred that day.
          WASHINGTON’S OWN WORDS: "This afternoon, as I was


sitting at this table engaged in preparing a dispatch, something seemed to disturb me. Looking up, I beheld standing opposite me a singularly beautiful female. So astonished was I, for I had given strict orders not to be disturbed, that it was some moments before I found language to inquire the cause of her presence. A second, a third and even a fourth time did I repeat my question, but received no answer from my mysterious visitor except a slight raising of her eyes.
          "By this time I felt strange sensations spreading through me. I would have risen but the riveted gaze of the being before me rendered volition impossible. I assayed once more to address her, but my tongue had become useless, as though it had become paralyzed.
          "A new influence, mysterious, potent, irresistable, took possession of me. All I could do was to gaze steadily, vacantly at my unknown visitor. Gradually the surrounding atmosphere seemed as if it had become filled with sensations, and luminous. Everything about me seemed to rarify, the mysterious visitor herself becoming more airy and yet more distinct to my sight than before. I now began to feel as one dying, or rather to experience the sensations which I have sometimes imagined accompany dissolution. I did not think, I did not reason, I did not move; all were alike impossible. I was only conscious of gazing fixedly, vacantly at my companion.
          "Presently I heard a voice saying, ‘Son of the Republic, look and learn,’ while at the same time my visitor extended her arm eastwardly. I now beheld a heavy white vapor at some distance rising fold upon fold. This gradually dissipated, and I looked upon a strange scene. Before me lay spread out in one vast plain all the countries of the world – Europe, Asia, African and America. I saw rolling and tossing between Europe and America the billows of the Atlantic, and between Asia and America lay the Pacific.
          "’Son of the Republic,’ said the same mysterious voice as before, ‘look and learn.’ At that moment I beheld a dark, shadowy being, like an angel, standing, or rather floating in mid-air, between Europe and America. Dipping water out of the ocean in the hollow of each hand, he sprinkled some upon America with his right hand, while with his left hand he cast some on Europe. Immediately a cloud raised from these countries, and joined in mid-ocean. For a while it remained stationary, and then moved slowly westward, until it enveloped America in its murky folds. Sharp flashes of lightning gleamed through it in intervals, and I heard the smothered groans and cries of the American people.
          "A second time the angel dipped water from the ocean, and sprinkled it out as before. The dark cloud was then drawn back to the ocean, in whose heaving billows it sand from view. A third time I heard the mysterious voice saying, ‘Son of the Republic, look and learn,’ I cast my eyes upon America and beheld villages and towns and cities springing up one after another until the whole land from the Atlantic to the Pacific was dotted with them.
          "Again, I heard the mysterious voice say, ‘Son of the Republic, the end of the century cometh, look and learn.’ At this the dark shadowy angel turned his face southward, and from Africa I saw an ill-omened spectre approach our land. It flitted slowly over every town and city of the latter. The inhabitants presently set themselves in battle array against each other. As I continued looking I saw a bright angel, on whose brow rested a crown of light, on which was traced the word ‘Union,’ bearing the American flag which he placed between the divided nation, and said, ‘Remember ye are brethren.’ Instantly, the inhabitants, casting from them their weapons became friends once more, and united around the National Standard.
          "And again I heard the mysterious voice saying, ‘Son of the Republic, look and learn.’ At this the dark, shadowy angel placed a


trumpet to his mouth, and blew three distinct blasts; and taking water from the ocean, he sprinkled it upon Europe, Asia and Africa. Then my eyes beheld a fearful scene: from each of these countries arose thick, black clouds that were soon joined into one. Throughout this mass there gleamed a dark red light by which I saw hordes of armed men, who, moving with the cloud, marched by land and sailed by sea to America. Our country was enveloped in this volume of cloud, and I saw these vast armies devastate the whole country and burn the villages, towns and cities that I beheld springing up. As my ears listened to the thundering of the cannon, clashing of swords, and the shouts and cries of millions in mortal combat, I heard again the mysterious voice saying, ‘Son of the Republic, look and learn.’ When the voice had ceased, the dark shadowy angel placed his trumpet once more to his mouth, and blew a long and fearful blast.
          "Instantly a light as of a thousand suns shone down from above me, and pierced and broke into fragments the dark cloud which enveloped America. At the same moment the angel upon whose head still shone the word Union, and who bore our national flag in one hand and a sword in the other, descended from the heavens attended by legions of white spirits. These immediately joined the inhabitants of America, who I perceived were well nigh overcome, but who immediately taking courage again, closed up their broken ranks and renewed the battle.
          "Again, amid the fearful noise of the conflict, I heard the mysterious voice saying, ‘Son of the Republic, look and learn.’ As the voice ceased, the shadowy angel for the last time dipped water from the ocean and sprinkled it upon America. Instantly the dark cloud rolled back, together with the armies it had brought, leaving the inhabitants of the land victorious!
          "Then once more I beheld the villages, towns and cities springing up where I had seen them before, while the bright angel, planting the azure standard he had brought in the midst of them, cried with a loud voice: ‘While the stars remain, and the heavens send down dew upon the earth, so long shall the Union last.’ And taking from his brow the crown on which blazoned the word ‘Union,’ he placed it upon the Standard while the people, kneeling down, said, ‘Amen.’
          "The scene instantly began to fade and dissolve, and I at last saw nothing but the rising, curling vapor I at first beheld. This also disappearing, I found myself once more gazing upon the mysterious visitor, who, in the same voice I had heard before, said, ‘Son of the Republic, what you have seen is interpreted: Three great perils will come upon the Republic. The most fearful is the third, but in this greatest conflict the whole world united shall not prevail against her. Let every child of the Republic learn to live for his God, his land and the Union. With these words the vision vanished, and I started from my seat and felt that I had seen a vision wherein had been shown to me the birth, progress, and destiny of the United States."
          Thus ended General George Washington’s vision and prophecy for the United States of America as told in his own words.

          Phillip, at Necedah, Wisconsin, our Lady's Messages of the 1950's revealed that China would invade America. At Bayside the nuclear invasion of the U.S. was often referred to. I was greatly moved then to learn that Our Lady had told the same to the Father of our Nation in the crucial moments of its bitter conception at Valley Forge, during the First American Revolutionary War. By God's design and grace I believed then what came to pass: that many George Washingtons throughout the United States and the


world would receive God's courage and guidance in the battle for God's glory and our survival as free, godfearing nations upon the earth. And I aspired very humbly to be such a servant of God, boldly offering myself, despite my incredible weakness of character and the odds against me. I realized that we would be moved and empowered by God almost totally, our greatest efforts being but constant acts of faith and trust in Him.
          In 1985 your mother and I traveled to Necedah, Wisconsin, and there I believe I was given a special grace of patriotic fervor. Please read this for us while I rest, Son.

The following excerpts are taken from the introductory pages of Vol. III and Vol. IV of Henry Swan’s 4 volume work, My Work with Necedah.
          FOREWORD: Our Holy Mother, the Mother of Our Lord Jesus Christ, has through Mary Ann Van Hoof given certain work and facts, the purpose of which I do not know. I do know that the Revelations given change the entire world picture from that given to the people through the press, radio and television.
          The cunning and basic plot for the control of the world has come down through the ages. It is of the devil, of the Anti-Christ. It has, in part or in its entirety, been adopted by groups or even by individual dictators, whose ambition was world control and world power. In its adoption by each one of these groups, it has been furthering the plan of those by whom it was first conceived.
          Lenin and Marx in their plan for Communist control adopted it in its entirety. It is so diabolical, so cunning, so ruthless that those who have had an opportunity to read and study this plan can hardly believe that it could be conceived by a human mind. It is so well disguised, so cleverly hidden and the paths leading to the Central Plot and those behind made so complicated that in trying to trace back to ‘those behind the plot, most get lost in the labyrinths where these devious paths lead them, and never get to the center of it.
          … I asked Mary Ann if in any of her work the answer had been given as to who was behind this Plot from the beginning. She said: "It all started with 30 pieces of silver." In that very simple statement lies the answer to both of those questions and more. Those behind the Plot are the descendants of those who crucified Christ when He was here on earth, and have ever since that time been trying to destroy His Teachings and His Church.
          …Russia is the seat of Communism today. Communism is controlled by the Jews and is only a tool that they use to achieve their purposes. The Russian Revolution was planned many years as part of this Yiddish Talmudic Plot, many years before it successfully took place. As early as 1900 they were infiltrating. Part of their plan was, as usual, to destroy and create situations which the Government could not handle and thus cause unrest and dissatisfaction among the people. When people are dissatisfied with their Government, then conditions are ripe for revolution and a change.
          Russian Cossacks, horsemen of the Russian plains, were hired as paid Revolutionists. They created great terror among the people with their raiding, their cruel and inhuman treatment, murdering grownups and children alike in their cruel raids. The fact that the Government wasn’t able to cope with this situation although they tried was one of the reasons the people were looking for a change.           The Cossacks were able to dominate completely the Ukraine in White Russia, which is the wheat raising area, the breadbasket of Russia.
          While this was going on, Lenin and other Revolutionists were


demanding the overthrow of the government which permitted those conditions to exist. The Czar and the Government were innocent and were trying to control things; in fact, the Czar, a good man, recognized what was going on, but was unable to control the situation.
          … This great Plot was and is of necessity very complex. However, certain things are elementary. The public opinion must be led in the channels of thinking that they desire. We must be subjected to propaganda and kept from the truth. In this the Plot has been very successful. Our newspapers and press services are controlled. Many, many things are kept from the people, many are distorted and changed to fit best the purposes of the plotters. One of the main means of controlling the expression of opinions that might be detrimental to their cause or their plans is by means of controlled advertising. No newspapers or periodical can exist without advertising, so by means of threats to shut off advertising they can dictate editorial policies. They can handle that very nicely because they control the national advertising. Many papers in the Democratic South came out in support of Dwight Eisenhower for President due to this Pressure.
          The depression which started with the market crash of 1929 was created to serve a purpose. Many of the newspapers, news services and magazines were bought up at that time as they were in financial trouble. Control of some were bought up for about five cents on the dollar of actual valuation. Radio, television and all means of communication are controlled. Some of our radio newscasters are among the male prostitutes who have sold themselves for a price. Their analysis of news directs the thinking of many, many people. Even false polls of one kind of another are used to influence public opinion. For instance, many people like to be able to pick a winner when they vote, and sometimes can be influenced in their vote by false polls.
          Many items of news that could be harmful are stifled completely and never get into the news at all. The true story of Pearl Harbor has never been given to the public in the news. Pearl Harbor had been arranged to create an incident which would involve us into the war. These facts were revealed in the Work here. Kimmel and Short were made the goats, were accused of inefficiency and being derelict to their duties, but it was only to keep any suspicion from falling on those who were actually guilty. Exactly how many had guilty knowledge and had been in on the intrigue regarding Pearl Harbor, I do not know, but of these I do know as they are given in the Work. Franklin Delano Roosevelt was guilty in every way. He helped with arrangements, so was guilty of murder of those who lost their lives there. Harry L. Hopkins made some of the arrangements. This is a direct quote from the Work: "Scrap material and scrap iron was sent in great quantities to Japan first before the war. Also concealed under the scrap material was much new material of war, all ready to be used for the Pearl Harbor deal. All this was planned long in advance.
          "Cordell Hull, Sinclair, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Louis D. Brandeis, Harry L. Hopkins, Harold Ickes, George C. Marshall, II L. Stimson, Walter Bedell Smith – all knew about it and helped to promote it to a greater or lesser degree … Pearl Harbor was a great disappointment to them because there were too many survivors. It was supposed to be a complete massacre, like Custer’s last stand."
          … The news coverage and propaganda on Korea was the same. In the first place, the Korean Police Action, as it was called, to cover up the fact that we had been engaged in an illegal war by order of the President instead of by Declaration as provided for in the Constitution of the United States, was a disastrous War which served its purpose in


the great world plot. It was designed to weaken us, to syphon off the manpower of this Christian Nation. It is to make us more susceptible when the time comes for our final destruction. Again Great Britain and their friend Russia were in complete agreement, as were the traitors in our own Country. Neither Russia nor Great Britain sustained any losses in achieving their purpose. We lost 150,000, the cream of our young men. They were not permitted to go in and win the war as they could have done, but were forced to fight according to the rules of our enemies, Russia and Great Britain. Our supposed Ally, Great Britain, was getting Lend Lease material from the United States as our Ally, and re-selling it to Russia to be thrown back at our soldiers by the Red Chinese, Allies of Russia. It was the greatest disgrace to which this Country was ever exposed, and it was all done with full knowledge and support by many in our government.
          … General McArthur was called back to this Country in disgrace because he wanted to go ahead and win the War instead if seeing our boys slaughtered off in useless combat, in a War not supposed to be won. When he got here he was silenced by threats of reprisal against himself and his family and was finally bribed off by a big paying job. He could tell many things if he would talk.
          The serpent is the symbolic snake of Judaism. It has been mentioned in the revelations on several occasions.
          … They will strike at our most important cities first, the industrial centers. They have succeeded in ousting our Senator (Joe McCarthy)out of his work, they tied his hands. The Serpent blinded many of their eyes during the investigation.
          … As early as 929 B.C., according to the records of Secret Jewish Zionism, Solomon and other Jewish learned men thought out a scheme in theory for powerful conquest of the whole universe by Zion. As history developed the scheme was worked out in detail. These learned men decided by peaceful means to conquer the world for Zion, with the slyness of the symbolic Snake. The head of the snake was to represent those who had been initiated into the plan, the body represented the Jewish people. The secret was always kept from the Jewish people. This snake has penetrated, devoured and destroyed nations all through history. It has been done largely by infiltration and economic control.
          Many small nations have been subdued entirely by economic conquest. The plot calls for bringing about moral corruption and degeneration by any and all means, including the sacrificing of many of their own people.
          A map of the course of the Symbolic Snake is shown as follows: Its first stage in Europe was in 429 BC in Greece where, about the time of Pericles, the snake started eating into the power of that country. Rome was next in the time of Charles V in 1552 AD. …
          The head of the Snake appeared over St. Petersburg in 1881. England and Germany were to be spared economically until the conquest of Russia was complete.
          … The statement about sports and funnies was intentional because it is part of the plan that people shall become so interested in those things that their attention is diverted away from the real issues. It is much easier to take over a people who are so occupied with inconsequential things that they haven’t any time even to notice that their freedoms are being destroyed and they are becoming the slaves of their own controlled Government.
          … I know as sure as I sit here and write that the big cry will go and the big smear against this book will start as soon as some of the Big Zionists get their hands on it. The agonized cry of anti-Semitism will surely go forth, but let it be known here and now that for the Jews that are being victimized by their leaders I have nothing but sympathy. I do not want to see


any persecution of innocent people. They have been victimized down through the Centuries and all through no fault of their own. The average Jew is no more guilty of the policies of their so-called Learned Elders than are you and I of the policies of our State Department, policies which are also aimed at our destruction. This statement in the Protocols in itself absolves the Jewish people of guilt. The head of the snake was to represent those who had been initiated into the plan, the body represented the Jewish people. … The secret has always been kept from the Jewish people."

          "At twenty, Father, I seem to be awakening to political realities. When did this time come for you?"
          The beginning of my political awakening, Phillip, occurred at age 24 after returning from Vietnam in 1971. In DaNang I had known those Asian Catholics who fled from North Vietnam to escape the Communist butcher, Ho Chi Minh, whose soldiers I had met on the battlefield. I narrowly escaped with my life. I left in Vietnam a Vietnamese widow whom I had a great affection for. Hat was one of the most virtuous women and pious Catholics I ever knew. I will never know what became of her in 1975 when the USA betrayed the anti-communist South Vietnamese, whom we had formerly supported, helping them fight for their freedom from future Communist slavery. From 1971 to 1975 I watched in sickening horror as leftist American propagandists like Jane Fonda battered Americans' resolve to battle Communism. Fighting this altruistic war against the advance of atheistic Communism in defense of the good and defenseless people of the world was what the great power given by God to America was for. But Vietnam was all a set up like Korea. When we turned our back on this battle and the South was overrun, I felt that our punishment as a nation was sealed. It was like a strong man abandoning the defense of a child who was being murdered by a bully whom that man was capable of subduing. As if it was all planned for in advance, the USA gave in to the selfish whining of the anti-patriots who claimed we had no national interests overseas interfering in a "civil war." When the U.S. refused to resupply South Vietnam with arms, morale collapsed, and the wave of North Vietnamese Communism subdued that nation in a matter of weeks. That year, 1975, I graduated from the University of Wyoming with a Master's Degree in English and Philosophy.
          Vietnam was another Korea, with a UN engineered "demilitarized zone" which we could not cross on order to destroy the bases of the enemy operation. It was another UN managed war designed to further the conquest of the world by Communism. I was greatly angered, rudely awakened to the enemy within. They had used the lives of 58,129 U.S. soldiers (young men of my generation) to gain a hands-off-Communism-forever policy for the U.S.A., effectively leaving the sheep of the whole world as unprotected game for the ravages of the Chinese Dragon and the Russian Bear. I saw a large swath of turncoat Americans who had supported our troops in that war slowly turn color as they "kissed the butt" of the Media line. They had become de-moralized. The fall of Vietnam in 1975 was the great turning point for the USA in the latter half of the 20th Century, Phillip.
          In turning America "about face," the enemy had banked on the fact that everybody wants to choose a winner. By dragging the war out, and by highlighting the casualties, the atrocities, the betrayals of our troops and of our allies, the Media had created a distaste for all this loss in the face of no obvious gains. Phillip, these half baked Americans who turned color liked to be called Pragmatists. No compassion or love or


courage or sacrifice here. Whatever happens is right; it was meant to be, obviously. The enemy, the insiders within our Government knew, if they could manipulate events as they wished, they could convince those many lukewarm pragmatists among us to second their motions. These worshippers of "public opinion," were in the majority because Americans had become morally soft and rotten. Just as Catholics were being misled by change agents infiltrated into the clergy and hierarchy, Americans were being led by a succession of traitorous Presidents and governments. They accepted the lie that what "happens" is ordained by God; it was "meant to be," it’s the best.
          "But isn’t this true, Father?"
          Some of what happens God only permits, Phillip. Evil He does not ordain. Because God permits some evil this does not excuse the evil or the evildoer. "But the way things turn out is ordained reality" was the new modernist doctrine of "providence." The "god of the moment" had arrived, the ultimate Communist/Modernist movement which needs no explanation, no rationale or philosophy – no reason. Totally arbitrary. What happens is to be accepted as permanent and inevitable, reasonable and good, the experience of Fate's ordaining will. We are talking about a hypnotism, a mass brainwashing, to arrive at a nation of programmed sheep. Terror or ecstasy are the ultimate reactions in this state of slavery. Something like this was observed in the German concentration camps and documented: masses of crowded, starved, naked people lunged, as one human animal, here and there like a single crazed terrified being.
          The difference was that Americans were treated like fattened cattle, constantly flattered by the media with the lie that they, the people, were in control, that they (by their apathy) were making history, while they were actually just watching it, participating only in a vicarious sense in their own destiny. In this way people were told what it is they wanted. If more adultery was reported by the press, it was because that's what Americans wanted. Why would it have happened otherwise. If most Americans bought floridated toothpaste, it's because that's what Americans want, not because nothing else was for sale. This is the hype language of the advertising or auto suggestion industry.
          So, the Communist Press cultivated the pragmatic point of view by managing the supposed reactions of "the people" to the world -- which the media surrounded them with. The spiritual health of individuals, families and nation was probably roughly equivalent to whether and how much they uncritically watched television, read newspapers and magazines and watched movies.
          I remember in 1985 at work I presented my study of the Overthrust Geological area I had been working on for a year. It was a good prospect, but it was torpedoed by a jealous geophysicist, who admitted later that he worked for the personal glory of being the one to find the oil. He only scoffed when I said that I worked to find the oil. Other prospects I had come up with, later drilled successfully by other companies, were shot down by our management for insufficient reasons. A few geologists were offended by similar treatment but were too timid to fight for the truth; others, the ones who stayed with and were promoted by the company said, "You have to go with the flow, Dave." I said, "No, I'm going to go with what I think is true and right, and if they don't go with it, I'd rather be emptying garbage cans. I'll know then that my work is benefitting someone."
          Oil companies purposely turned down good drilling prospects, purposely financed poor ones and otherwise wasted money on expensive ventures that were never intended


to drill a single producing well. This made U.S. petroleum exploration look like a bad risk, and was used as a partial justification to develop much cheaper oil overseas in Communist countries or international waters. By the late 90's our oil industry was gutted of personnel and equipment, as well as exploration capital. Small producers had sold out to big companies. It became abundantly clear over the next 20 years that agents in the key management positions of all our industries were copying the tactics of big international oil companies.
          Many industries allowed Internationalism to put America out of business, a big step in our takeover. Almost every basic American industry was decimated by 1999: steel, textiles, automobiles, most every consumer good, lumber, ranching, fishing. Everything was "Made in China," that is, made someplace else with slave labor or virtually stolen from the natural resources of the contributing nation, all at huge profits for the Internationalist Traders. American competitors were undersold and put out of business. Because Big Money controlled the buying of our agricultural products, they could set prices so low for America’s farmers and ranchers that they went bankrupt and their land and production facilities were bought up by international or foreign corporations
          "We didn’t even end up owning our own farmland?"
          That which Americans owned was mortgaged, and the Federal or State Governments owned nearly all that was left, the forested high country and deserts of the Western United States. In 1999, by Executive Order, the President placed 40 million acres of Federal land off limits to forestry, mining and recreation. Already the U.S. Forest Service policies managing our huge timberlands had artificially produced diseased, overgrown, fire-ripe forests that would burn totally, sterilizing the earth. They prevented the harvesting of these tinderboxes while our forest industry starved for lack of timber to mill.
          To try and fight all this fraud as an individual, without putting it wholly in the hands of Divine Providence, causes great psychological shock, even grief. But even when it was surrendered to God and a man had done all he could, great anger remained and a thirst for justice. I went through this fire, Son, as a teacher, as a geologist, as a patriot, and as a traditional Catholic trying to defend the true Church from her enemies within. I often cried out on my way to work, "My Jesus, My Confidence! Show me your will, O God." His will was that I be humiliated, sacrificed on the altar of the love He had given me for His Word, for my Country, for myself and my Family and for all men, for the truth and what is right. Truth Contradicted, as it suffered in all things and all matters, was the Crucifix of sacrifice I offered with Jesus on the altar of Divine Faith wedded to my frail humanity. And I believe the same was true in those times of all just souls, Phillip.
          Sometimes I would walk into our house like a time bomb, primed to first preach against some evil and then end up in a rage. I was like two persons, one loving, one hating, one aspiring and striving after good, one despairing of ever having good. If I didn't fight for what was right, I felt the coward who forsook his conscience. If I did fight, I felt like the tyrant and the inevitable loser of all good. I know now, Phillip, that the just people of the whole world were going through variously similar hells. The Christian is crucified in the fact that he has a conscience that knows and loves good, but that knows he is a sinner too. He sees what is wrong about himself and all else and yet he


yearns for the good. So he is pulled in two directions, as one who is crucified. It was a time like no other times, when disillusionment tore people up psychologically like a dog shaking a rag doll.
          "I feel sorry for you even now, Father. I could cry."
          Except that it was also my personal failure of faith and trust in God, which led to a failure of self-control and humility; all this dragged me through the mud. But even this was a grace, for in allowing me to bitterly experience what I lacked and where I failed, God provided me with the motivation to conquer these faults and seek the good I lacked. As the years went on, Phillip, I learned the crucially important lesson: God is in control, not me, not them, much less "chance" or "humanity" or "nature" or other such abstractions. God was putting us through a great crucible of suffering in order to purify the gold in us. As I grew out of my human sinfulness and my doubt, I saw that the personal hostilities and illicit attractions that had sometimes existed in my relations with people were due to a secret pride and self-righteous anger which saw others as somehow less than me, less loved by God. This was inevitable until I was forced to admit the depth of my own weaknesses, which put me on a level lower than those ignorant ones that I had secretly despised and those who were letting the enemy overrun us. For, the more grace and truth we are given, the more is expected of us. If I have ever done one meritorious act, it was only by the grace of God, Phillip. Only God is in final control. We can cooperate or not. Can you believe that, Son?
          "I see in you only good now, Father."
          But if left alone without God's grace, our potential may be for good but our inevitable willful propensity is for evil. If we do not return to consider our beginnings in the Fall of our first Parents, we will not reach out to Him. We will be swallowed up by pride. That is why our story had to begin with our first parents. We must acknowledge the handicap of our weakened human nature or be doomed to pride and all its pitfalls in overestimating the goodness of that fallen nature.
          If I was anything in God's plan of salvation other than a heavy load for Him and for others to carry, it was only because He could use my good desire and efforts, however feeble and imperfect. It was like riding a wave. All you have to do is stay balanced on your surfboard of humility! I came to see that God could not expect heroic efforts of us but only a profound, heroic Faith in Him! His grace would make us Saints by our works of Faith, performed by the power of that grace. Through His power we became witnesses to His Power and Glory.
          The more arduous the battle and the more confidence in Him we had to come up with, the deeper our personal humility and our dependence on Him had to become. For one does not depend on another for what he believes he himself is capable.
          "So, Father, if we see that there is no good in us but what He gives us, He will recreate us by His Grace to rise above our fallen human nature. Our cup must be empty if He is to fill it."
          "How can we give anything to God, Father? I want to love Him, but I am so poor. He doesn’t need me."
          He doesn't need you in Himself, for Himself, but He needs you in the sense that He has made you a member of His team by which He means to overcome His opponents. And, if we use His love for us, which purifies us as the object of His affection, to love


Him in return, then we offer to Him the pure and Holy and Divine gift of His own Perfect Love. That Gift is truly valuable to Him, Phillip. This love was truly and always will be ours to give, since it was first given to us by Him. So, through His generosity, His self-giving, we frail creatures of free will can truly Love Him. The love we are given to give in return is the Love of God for Himself, in the Trinity, that is, God's own Life. From the Furnace of this Love all creation came to be. We can truly live the Life of God, for Jesus said the Trinity would come to abide in us!
          The Army that God finally used to conquer the enemy was founded primarily on this humility that thirsted for the grace of God's Love. Humility was the virtue most eminent in the Mother of God, whose heel through the power of her Son, would crush the head of the serpent. (Genesis 3:15) The Seed of the womb of Mary's humility, the Holy Spirit of God, conceived the God-Man, Jesus Christ, Who came to Mary, the representative of God's People, as His chosen Mother, because of her total Faith in Him and her total humility in regard to herself. By Christ's power she and her spiritual children crushed the head of the serpent.
          "So humility and Divine Love returned to God is the way of life and also the way of battle against the Antichrist?"
          "Can you picture to me in various ways what people were like in those days, Father?"
           A whole society of individuals were in the paroxisms of a self-control disease. The cause was an inability to comprehend the eternal and the spiritual behind the temporal and material appearance of reality and our experience of it. When I saw God working behind the events of this world, I could "Let go and let God." My knuckles had been white gripping the steering wheel of life. As it slowly dawned on me that God not only created the world but was running it, sustaining it, directing and protecting it, the blood started to return to my relaxing hands. I focused more on guiding my life and seeing to the familial and civil duties that had been given into my hands. Responsibility became easier to carry, as did disappointments, and I could allow the imperfections and errors and sins that surrounded me to exist without personalizing them either as temptations or as objects of frustrating hate and rejection. I was not Jesus Christ, the Saviour; I was the one being saved; and it was most important that I follow instructions and keep my head low and my heart in good regular working order.
          The psychology business grew explosively in the last 40 years of the Century. As the spiritual life of Faith was sucked out of people's lives, the craving for power and control over all aspects of their lives made them crazy, literally. Moral disorder ensued. And "Sin," as Our Lady said at Bayside, "is insanity."
          "So your’re saying that virtue is allowing God to control your life?"
          Exactly! Humans have a tendency to lose control from birth to death, due to the consequences of Adam's sin. Therefore, we must turn to God for help. Even the ungodly must turn to a "higher power" to achieve this "other-direction" in their life, for man's spirit was not made to be independent, but is dependent upon a higher spirit which actualizes his potential to become what he was created to be. But man chooses that spirit. The wicked turn directly to Satan, the indulgent turn to food, sex, ease, the avaricious to wealth and power, Satan's lures. The basic principles of modern psychology, founded on the principles of the atheist, Sigmund Freud, and developed by the enemy, assumed that


man was a social animal to be guided. Therefore, psychological counseling often sought to direct the individual by group consensus which was based on the feelings and notions of the popular ethics and philosophy of that moment in the history of that culture or group population. So modern psychology offered someone who was driven to self-satisfying compulsions because he was not allowing God to be the ruler of his life, "help" in the form of controlling his life by throwing out God and His rules out and accepting society's lifestyles and his immoral values as okay, as long as they don't break its civil law.
          "The sickness treated was real, but the proposed care was bogus."
          Right, Son.
          "They tried to solve personal problems of self control by denying the source of the problem as one's turning away from God in sin to begin with."
          Yes. They said the problem could be biological, it could be the values you accepted from your parents, your imperfect upbringing, but it was never the willful violation of your own conscience, your God-given rational nature by sin. That concept of sin was strictly forbidden in discussion. The superficial control offered by psycho-therapy supposedly redeemed your self-esteem, saying 'walk within society's limits and then do what you will.' But the internal man is not dealt with here, just the social animal. People who had come into this therapy emotionally sick came out sufficiently cautioned to avoid breaking society's rules, but ethically sick, not renouncing, in principle the former sinfulness of lust, greed or sensuality, for example, that initially generated the antisocial, self-destructive and often illegal habit that brought them into therapy.
           "In a way, the patient has gone from bad to worse, Father."
          And the essential error was that you could believe anything you wanted about what was morally right and still be okay, but you must play by the rules or laws of the current community, where the only authority that concerns you resides. And of the modern secular mind, I recall the words of Hillaire Belloc, "It's not that they don't believe in God, they believe in everything." And so it was in my day, Son. People would go to church and worship the Christian God while the couple practices artificial birth control, men allow their women to dress immodestly and their children to enter into all kinds of darkness and temptation. Homosexuality or casual extramarital relationships were condoned under the supposed law of Christian tolerance. Viewing all kinds of immorality on the insidious TV tube was allowed by parents to themselves and their children because it was entertaining and acceptable to modern audiences.
          "It seems that a principle of hypocrisy had entered society, Father. What was the cause of that?"
          The culture of my time was an advanced form of protestant relativism that had quite logically given birth to a totally godless, antichristian spirit, a transformation which this philosophical serpent of relativism accomplished. In Belloc's essay On Usury he states the essential difference between a Catholic and Protestant culture is that the former is based on principle, however sinful and imperfect, while the latter lacks principle.

"Next it should be pointed out that there is all the difference in the world between a system in which an immoral principle is admitted and one in which, though the immorality is practiced, the principle is denied. There is, and presumably always will be, plenty of adultery, murder, swindling, and the rest, present in society; but the society in which the rights of property are admitted, in which marriage is sacred and to which the taking of human life is abhorrent, is very different from one where the sexes are promiscuous, or where Communism prevails, or where killing for private


revenge or whim is an accepted pastime. To murder a bore, to run off with your neighbor's wife, even to pick a man's pocket, are still in our society abnormalities: abnormalities which we old-fashioned people ascribe to the Fall of Man, but which the most exuberant Pelagian will at least not deny to take place. There is all the difference in the world between a society in which such lapses continue, or are even tolerated, and one in which they are called good."

          The modern, unprincipled culture that leads to hypocrisy -- which is none else than an absence of principle with a face of virtue, a cadaver if you will, the mere body or image of moral virtue without the soul animating it.
           Modern psychology became a tool in the hands of Communism, the super-protestors against Christ's Word and Church. "We will," they said, "take away the idea of God, then offer you consolation with our impoverished view of man as a conditioned, social animal. Here each person's past experience or fancy could be validated, except those who claimed objective, absolute realities and values that bind all. That is, people of all persuasions can be validated, except Catholics, the real Christians. As you will see, Phillip, there came a time when true Christians were considered unworthy of anything but death. They were feared as mirrors of death-dealing truth. Bowing to the creed of pluralism became a social requirement, at the price of your life, just as worship of the Emperor did in the first three centuries AD.
          "But I’ve heard it said that it was a very scientific age, and it seems a scientist would respect those who based their reasoning on objective realities, instead of relativistic evaluations."
          So you would think, and so did I. But I noticed that a large percentage of young geologists, for example, tended toward atheism or agnosticism on one hand or, on the other, towards psychic spiritualism, Mormonism or Pentecostalism. Neither was the rational direction expected from a true scientist. I finally figured that my mistake was in assuming that either group were, indeed, scientists, except in a narrow, commercial sense. A scientist or man of knowledge works logically from intuitively known, self-evident truths to less basic truths or probabilities, a deductive process of thinking. The modern pseudo-scientist, however, would pretend to begin knowing nothing at all for certain, collect tons of technical data, and then make conclusions based on the most "obvious" or useful or popular or "pragmatic" interpretation of that "the data" suggested. This phony, inductive method of "thinking" gave "data" an anonymous, yet unquestioned, authority for making anyconclusions desired, in place of conclusions, based on rational principles of human reasoning.
          "So now the human being is not responsible for arriving at the proven truth, Father."
          Right. In the workplace this phony objectivity, with its smorgasbord of most- convenient-conclusions-of-the-moment was a handy tool for coming up with evidence for what the bosses had made it known they already wanted to hear. I called it "kiss butt geology".
          "A horrible term, Father."
          But for a horrible thing, Phillip. All sciences, all jobs, all human business succumbed to the disease. Logical thinking was redefined as "personal prejudice." But, while deductive reasoning was falsely branded as prejudicial, subjective thinking or tampering with the evidence by the pseudo-intellectual was hidden by a pretended


submission to "the facts." The pretense was that "facts" were impersonal, certain and not subject to manipulation by personal value systems or questioning. Authority, therefore, rested in "facts". Actually "fact" is an abstraction denoting human observations processed by human judgements based on past knowledge, assumptions, values, etc.
          "This is not purely objective then, Father."
          No. But with their phony authority, the "facts" became slippery tools for those who refused to submit to the acid test of logic but who wanted their opinion to be accepted without question.
          "So they claimed the right to be "objectively" dogmatic by pretending to be humbly submissive to the facts."
          Exactly. The great error of the "Scientific Age" was that it was the very opposite of scientific; for the mind was given no credit as being a faculty created by the same God that created the rest of Nature, therefore having its own intrinsic standards of self-evident objectivity and validation. With this loss of faith in this logos or logic, scientific demonstrations designed to prove their conclusions were never begun or were called into question by the flimsiest objections or doubts.
          Most people I talked to, no matter how much of an expert they were in regard to the matter under discussion seemed to utterly fail the test of the scientific mind. This seemed to occur in the degree to which they were or were not true Christians.
          "Really, Father!?"
           Reason itself seems to require Grace to operate well. Knowledge, as Belloc mentioned, depends on Faith.
          "Faith appears to be the opposite of knowledge, Father."
          If I tell you that 2 and 2 equals 4, you will acquire this certainty or knowledge upon faith in my authority or on faith in your reason, your intellectual ability to know the self-evident truth of such a matter. This same relationship between faith and knowledge exists in all subjects, and at every level of rationality. The so-called "scientific age" served to "build better mousetraps," with computers and robots virtually running whole factories and businesses; there were ingenious "systems" of all kinds, but the practical reason that conceived all this could not build an ethical grass hut, because the faith in reasoning truly about spiritual matters did not exist for the materialist, or to those who used the mere notion of morality as a rubber stamp for what they wanted, rather than as a science with its own self-evident truths, first principles, and commonly accepted body of doctrine.
          "How did you endure it, Father?"
          Because as a culture we had lost touch with reality due to this insanity of our age, the conversation of truly rational, Godly men turned more and more away from those around them towards the Kingdom of God shining from within. Through this recollection we became increasingly able to look through the 360 degree picture windows of the soul God had made for us. Our mental-emotional life became a prayer before the end, a continual communication or communion with God through the medium of His holy angels, who literally surrounded us with protection and inspiration.
          "That sounds like a description of the 'saints of the latter days', Father."
          The saints of those times were almost indistinguishable from the mass of suffering humanity. Quiet, courageous actions distinguished them usually.


          Pseudo-science became the tool of sorcery, conjuring up all kinds of satanic fantasies. For example, it said abortion was not murder because no human being existed to be killed, since "the human fetus" is not viable until birth.
          "Even a child can reason better than that, Father."
          Why bless it with the name of reason at all, Son. It was part of the Din of Satanic Madness. Real science, even that of a child, would ask, "will this embryo grow to be a giraffe? or a frog? Would it not only grow to be a human being, every time, no exceptions. If so, it was always a human being from the moment of conception.
          And so the various controversies raged, one after another. The sheep were being separated from the goats before the return of the Shepherd. The Community of God, His Church, was being refined and purified. Only His sheep were able to hear His voice and follow Him to safety in the confusion of voices.
          In 1984, I said to Ruth, 'I want you to school the children at home. At first she felt overwhelmed, but as time went on she became more and more capable as a teacher. We flearned that Jesus too had been homeschooled. The rabbinical schools of His time had been corrupted with error even as had our Catholic parochial schools.
          The final push towards the major step of homeschooling for us was the school principal forcing our nine year old daughter, over our specific objections, to hear a reading in class from a pornographic, immoral, anti-Catholic, anti-parental authority children's novel by Judy Blume. We made local and national news on that one. It was rare for parents to object to books whose nine to eleven year old heroes and heroines were masturbating with the author's approbation.
          This was probably the sin that first corrupted most youth and led to greater sexual deviancies later on in their life. If sex is okay for self-gratification, why not enjoy an adulterous relationship, fornication or any other sexual pleasure. When the public and parental disapproval of this sin of youth disappeared, the individual under temptation lost a significant help in resisting it. For me it was a struggle of many years, many confessions. The most wonderful thing about God is His Mercy. After rising from sin and repenting of it, He not only restores the grace that was lost but adds more in return for our merit in rejecting the sin morally. In this way a habit that causes so much discouragement to the just soul can be the occasion of progress, if resisted adamantly.
          But "moderns" saw any suffering as the moral evil, while the objective sin that caused that suffering to the normal human conscience was excused as "okay." Therefore, because the decision to sin and the act of sinning did not feel bad, the sinning was okay, but the guilty conscience afterwards did feel bad, so this guilt was not okay. So the guilt and the conscience which produced it must be what is bad, they "reasoned." On the other hand, if it feels good or feels "right", do it.
          "Father, I think you would want me to remind you to get back to our story."
          That’s right. Or Mom will think we have departed for the Promised Land. I think I left off somewhere between Mass and work in the brown Toyota. Okay. The big oil companies all moved out of the Rocky Mountains to Texas in their progressive abandonment of U.S. exploration. After four failures in getting my company to drill my prospects, I was glad to stay in Wyoming when they left the State. In my last year with them I had worked with a man I believed to be a Russian spy, a geologist, of shabby sorts, who had too readily offered an escape-from-Russia story. His mission, I believe, was to influence the U.S. handover to the Russians of certain islands in the Bering Sea


that were to be used later for staging the invasion of America. Since our government agencies handling any such exposes were thoroughly infiltrated with Communists, I saw no use in passing on my suspicions. He was a nice guy. I had a concern for his soul, but he proved to be a confirmed atheist. In the end, I withheld the geology he had dug out of me; so he left for the big meeting in Alaska almost empty-handed.
          After 1987 I started painting houses, while developing a giant, first-class oil prospect in the Wyoming Overthrust Belt. For fifteen years I tried to sell it, but it was almost as if the devil had used his influence over everyone to kill the development of new production in the U.S.
          "Why would the Devil care about such a thing and how would he do it, Father?"
          Why would God want a hospital to be built? To accomplish some good human purpose. How would He do it? He would inspire good people with the idea, the desires, the charity necessary to bring it about. So too, the Devil wanted the U.S. to be dependent on other nations for its vital oil, so that these sources could be cut off in the critical moments of America's fate.
          "I am beginning to see that both the good and evil spiritual powers interact in the everyday experience of mankind."
          My royalties, if I had sold my prospect, would have been used to promote the dissemination of the truth. The oil found would have helped America be free of the oil embargo that helped bring our economy down. I believed that the agents of the World Revolutionary Movement (WRM) had infiltrated all big businesses and all key positions of influence in the U.S. This seemed to be evidenced constantly.
          After one rough winter of little income I was behind on house payments and had to go bankrupt. Here is a good example of usury. A house I had borrowed $46,000 to buy for $50,000 and had paid $60,000 toward the purchase of in ten years was reappraised for $31,000. I was levied the difference between this and the $47,000 I still owed in principal and penalties. This was the last time I dealt with Banksterism.
          With all our belongings on the patio, ready to move out before a court order deadline the next day, our would-be landlord backed out. Why had God brought me to this crisis, Phillip? Well I was forced into buying a house and two acres near the mountain I loved, with a good water well and 3 sections of useable State land behind it for only $35,000 cash, borrowed from our parents at no interest. We saw it as a direct act of Divine Providence. The house lay in the same foothills that I had so often loved to stare at while being driven up the mountain by my parents. It was the same place I had gone to pray for a wife, and the same place in which I had for several years had dreams of starting a traditional Catholic community. For we used to take Sunday walks upon this land in the Spring, with its wildflowers dotting green slopes, rushing creeks and the rugged beauty of Wyoming’s foothills. To me it was like Abraham's Promised Land, a physical place, yes, but with a personal, mysterious religious significance that seemed to promise a new, purified and chastened people, a home, a people who would "worship God in spirit and in truth". I held onto this dream for 15 years through desperate personal struggles, through good times and bad.
          The new house I stained dark green as symbolic of our hope. Crucifixes were placed on all doors and a white armored knight with shield and sword knelt before a statue of the Virgin by our rose colored front door.


          Our homeschool was a great success. Four of the first six graduates went on to college. We joined several very active homeschool organizations, where the children participated in many sporting events, field trips, and classes of various kinds. We associated with a few traditional Catholic homeschoolers and a greater number of Protestant Fundamentalists, who were the moral equivalent of a traditional backlash against Protestant liberalism. We prayed fervently for their conversion and gave them a good example of traditional Catholicism unstained by Modernism.
          As a house painter I spoke on a casual basis with many people of different characters, faiths and occupations. They tended to be conservative politically and morally upright, at least in their own eyes. But, sadly, few under 50 could say they were still in their first marriage. Many were Catholics fallen away from the practice of their Faith. All watched television even though they spoke derogatorily of its viewing menu. Most understood that the moral corruption and insane socialist government was leading us towards a great crisis. Most were honest, and I was rarely cheated in residential work, where personal integrity and responsibility reigned.
          "Did these people of common decency fight for their country, Father?"
          And sacrifice their own security, comfort and self-interest? Most did not, Phillip. It takes unselfish love and solid principle to reach the point of real self-sacrifice. An awareness of surrounding evils and a desire for good is insufficient motivation. There must be personal commitment, a sense of binding duty for a person to act courageously and pay a price for it. The public acts of these common people I speak of did not match what they claimed to believe. Apathy hindered the execution of their duty before God and man. Or perhaps they assumed they could separate their personal interior life and their public life. The Media’s propaganda machine intimidated the moral conservatism of people and made them feel isolated, when they may after all have been in the majority, a timid, silent majority that let the reins of government and of all power fall into the hands of evil. I saw in people this split personality: a God-fearing individual respectful of tradition, versus his public, opinion-poll image as a social animal, which he was directed to assume as a citizen by the god of human respect. Phillip, this public personality was controlled by the very pundits of the press whom this same person sneered at in private conversation!
          "Do you mean they showed one face to you and another …"
          …To a person of a different persuasion. Two-faced. Many-faced, actually. I had great reservations about a patriotic army based on this kind of mediocrity of values and plebian hypocrisy. Could one trust such a person in crisis? Yet there was some potential for conversion. Sometimes great crises bring heroic charity out of tepid souls. A hope existed. I had no doubt about the inevitability of war. The only question was, how much resistance would there be? And at what stage of the deterioration of our civilization and nation would this resistance arise?
          "How did you know war was coming, Father?"
          The first major rehearsals of warfare and mass terror propaganda by the enemy within our Nation, Phillip, was conducted by their agents in the U.S. Justice Department, our FBI, BATF and Federal Marshalls. They were purposely ordered to burn alive over one hundred innocent men, women and children at Waco, Texas. These people had been led by a FBI asset posing as a religious doomsday nut into a building which was then surrounded by an army of militarized police. Tear gas was pumped into the building in a


lethal and explosive concentration. The inferno was then ignited by a government tracer rounds. The woman heading the Department of Justice not only took full responsibility for this mass murder, but she and the President told the Nation it was a warning to similar parties who might consider resisting a future Government Police State by forming a religious congregation, storing food and arms in preparation for war, etc. Of course, most of the actors were "just following orders." This is how systematic evil works. It proposes to the individual that he is relieved of his duty to obey his personal conscience, because a higher authority has assumed command, the collective conscience of State. But man's intellect faces God, Phillip. And God will require obedience to His Law and a rejection of all voices to the contrary.
          "Many people must have been condemned for being the operators who enabled the evil system to carry out all of its programmed evils.
          I believe vast numbers of these cowards are damned to Hell forever. I once read somewhere that "God hates a coward."
           "I find it easy to sympathize with them, Father."
           So do I, Phillip. We all faced fear. Evil, both small and great, was everywhere. So that the least act of merit or of good required the overcoming of fear, especially the fear of self-sacrifice.
          "Then all personal evil or sin would be an act of cowardice?"
          All roses come with thorns, Phillip. If we flee the good and the beautiful for fear of pain, then we have rejected all good for a false worship of ourselves. And to make this idolatry of self our overall and final choice is to merit Hell.
          Many patriots clearly saw Waco as the shot fired across the bow of Ship America by an enemy that wanted us to know that it was greatly to be feared because it was merciless and savage to all separatists. Waco was a thinly disguised, naked threat to patriots. Yet all citizens were expected to publicly "believe" the atrocity to have been necessary and justified or to keep silent about their doubts, as if they did believe such a lie. Their follow-up atrocity at Oklahoma City was a response to those who objected to Government terrorism at Waco. It said, 'See! It's anti-government extremists who are the problem.'
          "Let me try to understand this, Father. Do you mean that the enemy wanted all to know they committed murder in order to intimidate those who might oppose them, but also wanted all to knowingly approve of their crime and even join in their cover-up, saying that it was the fault of the victims?"
          That would be their ultimate brainwashing victory, to intimidate us into being consciously two-faced; one face silent and knowing the truth, the other face proclaiming a lie for the sake of the community's faith and subservience to its ruthless masters.
          But they also wanted to castigate and blame their opponents who hated what they were doing to our Nation through their unlawful government of it. These opponents were blamed by the President for creating the climate of hate and distrust of government which spawned the right wing extremism supposedly behind the Oklahoma City tragedy. Their bombing of the Federal Building in Oklahoma City left hundreds of men, women and children dead or injured. Middle eastern, German and U.S. secret service agents committed this murder, but all was blamed on a single, white male, right-wing extremist fanatic who had openly voiced his protest of Waco as a government atrocity.
          "So Oklahoma City repeated the lesson of Waco, Father?"


          Yes, very much so. The idea was to murder many innocents and symbolically blame that onerous deed on all patriots who had protested Waco or the government in general. "Right-wing radicals" soon became, with media propaganda, anyone right of Communist Clinkerton, our sick-joke-of-a President. He was elected by vote fraud and was supported by phony opinion polls and slick Media propaganda. This President was later caught giving Red China the missile technology to put nuclear warheads on eleven major American cities, in return for their financing his election campaign.
          When it was shown that the truck bomb at Oklahoma City could not have done a fraction of the damage actually done to the building, and that seismic records and demolition scars on the building's supporting columns pointed to other internal explosions coincident with the truck bomb, the government's "story" started to fall apart. Other facts began to point to an "inside job". BATF and FBI personnel were told not to show up for work that fateful morning, and their agents were seen disposing of an undetonated bomb from inside the building, which was never mentioned thereafter. The building was quickly and unnecessarily bulldozed to the ground in order to destroy evidence of bombs at the base of the building’s columns. And a FBI informant had been allowed to detect and report a plot by government agents secretly posing as white supremacist anti-government radicals to blow up the building months in advance. But no action to stop it was taken.
           But the public turned away from the hideous truth that this great crime was done under the supervision of our own government, which then boldly and brashly covered up the evidence of its involvement, so that all who dared to look would see that they could do any evil they wished and get away with it and cover it up. This semi-transparency was an intentional propaganda piece.
          An historical example of this propaganda tactic was Hitler ordering the burning of a government building, the Reichstad, by his agents. It was then blamed on the opposition of whom Hitler immediately liquidated thousands, using as a pretext the protection of the State against such saboteurs and anarchists.
          "The end justifies the means for these devils, Father?"
          Oh, Yes!
          "They use murder as the means to their end of acquiring power."
          But what is more important, they brainwash the people into accepting this concept of the end justifies the means, and its corollary, "might must be right." After Waco and Oklahoma City the Hitlers of America did not liquidate the opposition, but they did propose legislation creating police state laws, which they did use later to liquidate the opposition of the "right wing" radicals who loved their country and hated lies. Waco and Oklahoma City were used as examples of why such laws were needed.
          "So they called for laws which were supposedly created for to prevent the very acts of violence they perpetrated!?"
          You understand correctly, Phillip. And such a transparent melodrama was enough to fool most Americans. That is the most amazing thing of all.
           This kind of outrageous perfidity was standard operating procedure (S.O.P.) for secret government agents of the WRM. Americans believed in what their government should be at the expense of seeing what it had become in the hands of the traitors who ran it. But, these kinds of atrocities and botched coverups by the Government and the


press had become so common that many people were awakening. For even as the enemy was cowing the cowardly, they were alarming and outraging the courageous.
          "What happened to the traitor Clinkerton when he was caught giving military secrets to China?"
          Well, Phillip, they held a show trial in which they whipped the boy for his lying under oath about his sexual escapades as President. And this long, drawn out hand slapping, which was planned all along to fall thrillingly short of removal from office, was actually the cover-up of the traitorous dealings with China. These traitorous acts were never brought up as reasons for impeachment. And people stupid enough to watch the TV trial were made so sick of the subject of Clinkerton’s guilt or innocence, due to the nonstop, never-ending coverage, that they had no taste for what they would have to go through for his conviction on other charges, such as the Chinagate affair.
          "Why did people put up with this deception? It makes me angry."
          The media treated the nation to an x-rated sex show, young children included, dragging out all the lurid details one by one. I personally suspect that the sexual liaisons themselves could have been preplanned and set up so the Presidency could be denigrated and sexual deviance could be posted as pornography for the whole country to see.
          "It makes me so sick … and angry."
          That was intended too -- to enrage a citizenry and sicken it, and then show how unimportant their dissatisfaction was and how degraded those in public office could be, as long as they were viewed as doing a good job in the phony polls.
          "What was happening in these times outside our Nation, Father?"
          On the world scene, an Iraq dictator, Suddam Hussein was set up in power by U.S. money and Russian military arms, murder and intrigue, in order to become a puppet dictator who would assume the role of a World Class Bad Boy. On command, he would tweak the nose of the "International Community," thus authorizing the UN’s world police dogs to be unleased to attack Iraq, destroy its people (for 10 years), but never touch the Bad Boy himself. The Desert Storm action was primarily used to set new UN prerogatives for dictating to sovereign nations with military force as a threat. This same scene was reproduced in Yugoslavia later. They raised a puppet-monster Milosovec, so they could decimate his country when he wouldn't accept a Nato/UN demand to abdicate national sovereignty to them. An example had been set for the future when such sovereignty would be demanded.
          "The pattern I am seeing, Father, is that their repeated lessons are aimed at authorizing these Government tyrannies of either national or international scope to carry out mass murder on the basis of some pretext which they created themselves."
          That's a fair summary, Phillip. Add to it the precedents on the domestic scene of the U.S. president involving the U.S. in war illegally, without congressional approval, and illegally placing US troops under UN command. Our military has suddenly become the body of a monster police state at the word of a single dictator pretending to be our President.
          "So, Father, if the Bad Boy is Bad enough, the "world community" can break all the rules of morality and law, killing people by wars and embargoes, invading sovereign nations in order to deal with this terribly dangerous situation. But really it is all a show being staged for a pretext to set a precedent that can be used to do the same thing off-stage later on."


          You are seeing their game plan. But remember, they usually kill two or three birds with one stone. For the sake of Arab propaganda, Saddam caricatured himself as the Suffering Hero of Islam persecuted by the Christian Satans of the West. Finally, when the time was right, Russia supported Saddam in leading Islam into a holy war against Israel and Europe, for Saddam was one of the puppet-monsters of the Conspiracy that led the nations into World War III.
          For years a crushing UN embargo decimated the poor citizens of Iraq. This 10 year embargo cost many innocent lives, as did the first war with Iraq, where 500,000 conscripted Iraq soldiers were staked out in desert bunkers of sand to be routinely bombed and buried alive. It was all too convenient that Saddam and his own personal army could not be touched. This army was used to push the other troops into battle, remove their officers and communications, and abandon them to a pre-planned massacre. Saddam Hussein was a very valuable tar baby for the WRM. His sole job was to give the world a series of pretexts for WWIII.
          Son, I have chosen to discuss briefly a very small but representative number of the enemy's intrigues, in order to give you an idea of their subterfuge and propaganda. A thousand books could not detail their semi-transparent skits. The world was their stage. Human beings were the willing or unwilling actors in their gruesome tragedies. Their Grande Finale was begun with a worldwide crash of the money system in 2000 AD.
          Since 1990 a 400% rise in the value of the artificially propped U.S. stock market formed a completely misleading picture of our asset gutted economy. A tremendous "bubble" had been prepared for popping, something that would cause the value of money worldwide to collapse; for the Internationalist Financiers had intertwined the money, the products, and the markets of all economies by manipulation of currency exchange markets. They threatened a global financial meltdown if a single currency and monetary policy was not adopted by all nations -- an important step in creating a one-world government. This common currency scheme was called the "euro" in Europe and "dollarization" in the rest of the world. When dolarization was rejected, the "crash" was given the green flag.
          The interdependence of money systems, debts and profits created an internationalism that paid off in a worldwide crash, each national economy falling in a perfect domino effect. It had been arranged that each nation was dependent on some distant nation for some of its most vital resources, so that when international trade ceased, these goods and services also vanished. Years of work on the enemies' part saw to it that no country was completely self-sufficient in all its necessary commodities. This built-in interdependence was the incentive they had prepared for all nations to enter into an international economic union and the single World Government that would practically necessitate it.
          "But was it not this very interdependence that caused the world-wide collapse?"
          Well, at least it was their manipulation of this interdependence that allowed them to topple the whole, Phillip. If you have 100 wooden blocks each sitting alone on a table, how could you make them all move at once. But, if all were stacked atop the others in an unstable arrangement, would it be easy then?
          "Of course, Father. It reminds me of the Tower of Babel again."
          Remember, their overall plan was to see that no nation community or even family was self-supporting or independent of their control or influence.


          The WRM invoked the term "free trade", as a moralistic condemnation of antiprotectionist policies, where any country was made defenseless against cheaper foreign goods sold on their markets in order to reduce their capacity to economically produce these goods. The lure of cheap "foreign markets" had suckered many U.S. industries into giving up our national productive capacity, which could not be recovered overnight. The greater value of long-term, stable self-sufficiency was sacrificed for the lesser value of immediate profit.
          The impression I need to leave you with of these times, Phillip, is that people did have ready access to a true, detailed analysis of the enemy's work. However, without a Godly conscience and a life based on that conscience, a person would not be motivated to go digging beneath the sanitized, superficial version that the Voice of Big Brother propagated. The degree of Godliness, amazingly, was in an exact proportion to the degree of insight, knowledge and predictive-power that an individual or nation had.
          "But were there not many innocent people who were just ignorant, Father?"
          A few, Phillip. But usually ignorance is bought by those who really don't want to know and sold by those who want the control.
          "I will prepare the supper tonight, Father."
          Thank you, Son. After what I have told you today, can you see, Phillip, why a good man could have easily turned to God as his only hope and consolation and resting place in those days? The world was so insane. I remember one line of a prayer poem that we used to say after Holy Communion which expresses my feeling: "Just for you I live, Oh Lord."


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